There is going to be a trend here…. stick with me and I’ll explain.

Here’s what I’ve learned, how you do one thing is how you do everything!

So your habits and behaviours in your health are likely showing up in some way, in your finances, relationships, career and life purpose.

It’s not to say this is a bad thing! In fact, it’s actually awesome! Because once you’ve tapped into the habits and behaviours you want to create to achieve your goals, you’ll see abundance in everything you do!!

So here’s some trends I’ve seen with myself and my clients –

  • You spend big and sporadically? You likely crash diet and stop just as quickly.

  • You maintain a consistent budget? Your food and exercise regime is consistent.

  • You don’t spend on the bells & whistles? You run outside using cheap sneakers (runners for you Aussies :p).

  • You go with the flow and hope your money will last till the end of the month (or that you win lotto)? You also hope you’ll lose the weight by some given miracle as well.

  • You binge eat to feel better? You splurge at the shops.

  • You look at different avenues to create abundance by changing the way you are doing things? You implement steps to lose weight, find energy and opportunities open up for you that you never expected.

  • You enjoy planning how you will spend and save your money? You likely enjoy meal planning and have planned how to manage cravings.

And the list goes on!

I see it with my clients, their habits in their health will often transpire in some way or form in their relationships, career, money, health or purpose.

It is so interesting and I’d encourage you to get curious on what it is that you want, and then how your habits either support or detract and reflect on how these habits appear in different areas of your life. I’m sure it will be a very interesting exploration for you, as it was for me.

As a health coach, I help clients discover what habits in their health are stopping them, preventing them or holding them back from achieving their health goals. Then I lead them through a step-by-step process to learn how to develop new habits that will last and begin to influence other areas of their lives including relationships, finance, career and finding their purpose.

If you are curious on how your habits are impacting your life and what direction to take to create abundance in them, then  click here now to schedule a time for a chat. 

I’ll help you understand what’s blocking you from achieving your goals and I’ll show you how to get started.