With the arrival of October here in Sydney, Australia, Spring is here! It’s my favourite season for getting outside, seeing everything in bloom. This year with all the changes I’ve been making in my health, I’m also using it as an opportunity to shake the winter cobwebs off (a.k.a. my winter, cuddly weight) for something a little more fresh, energetic and comfortable in a bikini this summer!

To make room in my life for boosting my energy and losing a couple of kilo’s, I’m looking a three areas where I am spring cleaning my life to get a jumpstart on my summer body NOW!

1. Clear out my environment

Get rid of anything that doesn’t align with my goal to lose weight and increase my energy.

For Spring and Summer, you’ll have specific goals you want to achieve in getting outside, moving more and eating cleaner. You have to clear out the old to bring in the new.

I’m going to spring clean my kitchen and any clutter around the house.

In the kitchen, I’ll be clearing out the foods which don’t align with my goals to lose weight and bringing in more summer foods such as salads and fresh fruits.

Around the house, I’ll find a home for what must be kept, and the rest should be donated or thrown out! (Is this an excuse to go clothes shopping??? :p)

Clearing the house often clears the mind.

2. Clear out the calendar

There are always items in the calendar which need a decision as to whether they should be there or not.

I’ll be asking myself the following questions:

1. Is there an event in my calendar that I never attend?

2. Is there an event waiting for my response to either accept or decline?

3. Is there an event(s) that I said Yes but really should have said No?

Key point being I don’t want to over-commit myself for events that take my time away from what is most important and essential to me as we are all time-poor these days.

3. Clear out the excuses!

I tend to get a little creative in Winter on excuses. For my spring clean, it’s going to be all about brushing away the excuses like cobwebs and setting myself up for success to achieve my goals so follow through becomes non-negotiable e.g. signing up for group trainings, looping in my fiancee for a clean eating jumpstart program or a health competition with friends.

For more information on How To Spring Clean Your Health join me LIVE on Facebook at My Health Coach with Chloe McCreedy next Thursday, 12/10 @ 7pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

So I’d love to know, how will you be spring cleaning your health? Leave a comment below!

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