Studies have shown that we only ever change our habits without thinking about it during major life events.

What does that mean?

That means when you have a baby or move in with someone, get divorced, change in career, diagnosed with an illness, move countries, and so on, you are likely to change your habits unconsciously.

What habits am I talking about… habits which are designed around your location, friends/family/colleagues, money, your body, local shops, food culture, career…

Habits like… what you buy at the shops, what foods you eat, when you eat, when and how long you sleep for, how much you spend on food/gym/self-care and the list goes on!

So why is this important to know?

Your most recent and major life event, could have modified your routine around eating, drinking, exercise and self-care. Sometimes in a very successful way, and other times, a detrimental way preventing you from losing the weight and keeping it off.

That event may not have been related to your health however may have changed how you look after your health (if at all now). What was natural before, like eating slowly or going for a run (and enjoying it) or choosing foods that nourish you, were forced to change, so you could concentrate on the bare-minimum to survive each day the best way you knew how.

The good news! With a little research on what’s changed and what worked (and didn’t) in your past, you can understand how to course correct and get started on your health. My clients have lost weight and gained a ton of energy from investing in themselves, dedicating the time to truly uncover what it is they want and their vision for their health and life

If your thinking, I’ve tried everything and I’m still not losing the weight. I challenge you to reflect on how you’ve invested in YOU recently, my clients have seen weight loss results from implementing just one piece of advice from my free guide so download my guide now on How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working.