You’ve lost a few kilo’s, your so proud of what you’ve accomplished! And you should be, it isn’t easy, right?

You want to reward yourself for all your hard work and a treat is going to be so delicious and well earned right now don’t you think? Maybe chocolate, wine or a dessert because you’ve earned it.

Problem is that to get here, you’ve had to eat a really restrictive diet and workout almost every day because it’s a short-term need until you’ve lost the weight and then you can go back to eating normally. Your “normal” meal and workout plan has never worked, this is why your on a diet (again) to lose the weight.

Studies have shown 98% of people who lose the weight put it all back on and then some! 98%, let that sink in for a moment….

Why are only 2% of the dieting population keeping the weight off once they’ve hit the goal?

Their weight loss is treated as a journey of change. They aren’t aiming to just lose the weight but to set new habits to maintain the weight. These people essentially create a new baseline for themselves which becomes the new normal way to eat, drink, workout, spend money and maintain relationships.

You can do this to, transform the way you are maintaining your weight loss, health and energy. My clients who implemented just one of the tips from my guide on How To Lose Weight When Nothing Works were able to lose weight and keep it off.

I wonder what is one habit you have for maintaining your weight? Comment below!