pexels-photo-568027.jpegDo you ever get that feeling where you just don’t know where to start?

Like you’ve got a TON of things to do and yet, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. IS. IMPORTANT.

And when you stop consistently showing up, you feel REALLY GUILTY.

Does this resonate?

When your feeling really guilty, over-whelmed and exhausted, where’s the room for the rest, calmness and, even a little fun, that you actually want to have?

Well, let’s try something for a minute. Stick with me. I need you feeling a little relaxed so you can put in to practice the 3 x Powerful (and very simple) actions that will release the deathly grips of burnout.

pexels-photo-296879.jpegI want you to imagine that amazing feeling where the world feels like it stops, you can pause and breath in the world around you. Appreciate it. Fill yourself up with confidence and warmth. Breathe deeply and release all the tension. Listen to the sounds around you and know that every sound around you is created by someone or something with a positive intention that isn’t about you, it’s about them. Breathe in deeply, fill your belly with air, feel it expand and expel air. Watch the actions of those around you and understand that they are doing the VERY, VERY best with what they know and have. Appreciate that you are EXACTLY where you need to be and doing the BEST you know how.

Seriously, how good does it feel to picture it? And if you didn’t, go back up and read it again and allow yourself that small moment to pause and fill your soul with some good feelz!

Now, every action we do might start from a situation in our lives which causes us to change our existing habits but…

Eventually, every new action can become a habit depending on how much you practice it.

So when life changes the game… with a new baby, a new relationship, divorce, promotions/demotions, illness, moving countries and so on… our habits are likely to be impacted.

Remember, every action can be learned and every learned action can turn in to a habit.

How does this relate to burnout?pexels-photo-207353.jpeg

Well, I read this on the Scary Mommy blog, a quote used by Brene Brown – “If you don’t want to burnout then stop living like your world is on fire.”

WOW! These ladies are changing up the perspective, instead of burnout being something that happens to us, it is something we can create… and we are so, so good at creating it, don’t you think?

I remember that I had a terminal case of ‘busy-ness’ and ‘seriousness’. It was almost a badge of honour to be SO BUSY. I loved having people in awe at how busy I was and what I got done. But ladies, I was so darn tired! And did ‘being busy’ mean I actually got more done? Probably not! I just worked longer, committed myself more, was always late and never enjoyed my time with friends or family because I always had somewhere else to be.

I spent my days giving my energy away to everyone else, afraid of letting someone down and I came dead last (or in most cases, not at all).

Now, enough about me… let’s talk about ways to break the burnout cycle so you can live LESS like your world is on fire and more like the confident (even sassy), energetic and amazing woman you are!

1. Choose three priorities (your first must be YOURSELF)


B – Family

C – Work

D – Friends

E – Other commitments, like community, committees, religion

2. ABC your Schedule

A = Appointment is part of my top 3 priorities and is non-negotiable

B = Appointment is part of my top 3 priorities however is negotiable on time and location

C = Appointment is not part of my top 3 priorities

3. Revamp your Schedule

A = Enter ‘A’ class appointments in your calendar

B = Renegotiate ‘B’ class appointments to work around your ‘A’ class appointments

C = Schedule your ‘MYSELF’ time (bath, book, movement, this may include the ‘C’ class appointments you LOVE) – be realistic on this, if you don’t do it today, then start with once a week and build it up to daily. This time is NON-NEGOTIABLE, commit to yourself to make YOU a priority for the next week and see what happens 🙂

D = Cancel all other ‘C’ class activities


This will take you an hour to do, once it is done, you’ll feel great! You’ll be very clear on what your focus is because we keep it simple.

What’s Next?

Whenever you are asked to join or attend or do something for an event, you need to Honour your Schedule and have the courage to say NO just as much as YES. To do this, always make your decisions based on your chosen TOP 3 priorities and consider your ABC’s.

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