Ah yeah! It is! I remember when I used to wake up in the morning and renew my commitment to my weight, I would lose weight, I would cut out all the “bad” foods, start going really hard at the gym and I would lose weight.

And guess what? If I stuck to it for long enough then the weight surely did drop off.

Here’s my problem though, when I lost the weight, I wanted to celebrate. Even if I didn’t lose what I wanted, the fact that I stuck to this super strict diet for more than 2 days was a cause for celebrating or the fact that I went to the gym was a cause to celebrate as well.

So ultimately, I put all the weight back on again… shit!

Cue all the feelings of worthlessness, self-pity, woe is me and I’ll never be thin feelings….

Initially, I’d stay in that place of massive inaction for a short amount of time, maybe an hour, a day, maybe a week. But then, as I failed over and over and over again to get the body I wanted, the time I spent, feeling like crap, judging myself for being unsuccessful, ugly and worthless would take longer and longer, so months and eventually years.

At one point, I developed an indifference to it all. According to yours truely, “I didn’t give a shit”, I’d laugh at myself for always being the big girl (taller and wider than everyone else), hoping that turning it in to a joke would make it less painless and help me be removed from the fact that I hated myself and my body.

And because I didn’t “give a shit”, I started wearing crappy clothes, I wouldn’t buy new clothes because shopping was a terrible experience and I’d often choose to stay at home instead of spending time with friends because I felt ugly and worthless and I knew if I went out with a bunch of girls who looked super hot, skinny and sexy then I’ll feel even worse.

It was such a horrible place to be and didn’t make sense, for a girl who really has it all in life, how could I be feeling like I needed to diet all the time, hide my body and that I wasn’t valuable to the world?

And here’s what I learned…

That I was giving too many f-ks about what I didn’t have and didn’t look at what I did have. So I didn’t have the body, I didn’t have the house or enough money, I wasn’t smart enough, cool enough, sexy or beautiful.

I’d forgotten how lucky I really was and I forgot to celebrate what was actually right in front of me and important.

So I got real, with the support and accountability from other mentors, I celebrated my life for what it was and who I was surrounded by. I exchanged the currency of my health from weight to energy and started creating a life full of energy.

And guess what?!

I went through this radical self-acceptance transformation (and I still am). I learned that I’m responsible for my experiences and only I can change them. I fell in love with my body, myself and built my self-confidence back up. I’m not saying that I’m the next bikini model, but I’m so impressed at what my body can do and accomplish whereas before, all I could see it as was a burden and a hindrance that made me feel like crap.

I never thought I’d see the day but I’m here, I actively choose foods that nourish me and make me feel really, really good. As opposed to foods that would bring me down, make me lethargic and moody.

Did I follow a diet? No. Have I lost weight? Yes. Would I do a diet again? No, or not in the way I used to treat diets which was temporary, awful, punishing experiences. 

So, what’s next?

For me, my journey continues. I’ve made significant leaps in the way I view my body and my health, even what my body looks like and that was an incredibly eye-opening experience but only the beginning for me. Now, my journey starts again with a whole new foundation of good habits as well as uncovering my next layer of beliefs holding me back from having what I want in my health, body, food or movement.

Love ya!

Chloe x

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