consultationwebSo what does it really, truely feel like to not obsess over:

👉 food. Because I’m bored, deprived, stressed, tired, anxious or whatever else.

👉 exercise. Because I’ve eaten something naughty.

👉 Friday’s. Cutting loose because of the weeks stress. Lots of beer/wine, takeaways and whatever else.

👉 The guilt that I FK’d up my good eating/workouts/weight/hard work?

So what does it feel like to not think about it now?

It feels like…. FREEDOM BABY! 

Just pure freedom! 

Oh and lighter, tighter and way more FUN! 

When I let the rules go, got in tune with my instincts – being healthy got easy. 

No more obsession over the right or wrong foods, just pure enjoyment in the moment and that’s it. 

I can happily say, for anyone like me…

➕ calorie counting doesn’t work

➕ measuring food doesn’t work

➕ trying to know everything about food doesn’t work

➕ listening to your body WORKS, it’s instinctive, it’s easy

Instinctively, we know exactly what we need to do to lose weight so the question is WHY don’t we just do it?

Because we’ve lost our innate instincts to eat when hungry, eat until full not stuffed, eat what makes us feel good (not sick, bloated, tired, headachy) and to just enjoy eating then move the FK on to something else instead of this crazy food obsession we’ve got or this exercise obsession to “balance the calories” – that’s FK’d.


We lost our instincts because of rules from school and home to – 

👉Eat when told, not if hungry

👉Eat fast, if too slow

👉Eat everything on our plate even if we were full

👉And we were educated on “good” and “bad” foods from everyone

👉And we learned to feel guilty for eating the bad foods and deprived for eating the good foods, instead of just enjoying what we had. 

And SO MANY OTHER THINGS, like restricting/punishing ourselves for eating….

When I write that, I think HOLY CRAP. Punishing ourselves for doing something we need to do to keep ourselves alive. Feeling guilty for eating food….

But yet, we still do it…

Why? Because our instincts need to be revived so we are tuned in to foods that make us feel really freaking good and are eating for hunger, not compulsively.

I had to resolve my judgement around food and tune in to my instincts, to get really clear on why I was eating when I wasn’t hungry, why I would over-eat or binge drink and why I kept eating foods that I knew made me feel like crap.

Until you get clear on what instincts you are ignoring and why you are ignoring them, you won’t be able to change the behaviour for good and keep the weight off for good.

Chloe x

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