exercise female fitness footThe runners don’t get it.

The Gym goer’s don’t get it.


They say, just come to the gym or just put on your runners – it’s not that hard.


But it is.


There’s strangers there, judging me.

They judge how I use the machines.

They judge how I run, how EVERYTHING moves when I run.

They judge my weight as if I’m not right to have the privilege to be here.


How do I know?

Because I judge how they use the machines.

I judge how they run, how EVERYTHING looks so together when they run.

I judge how their weight looks perfect, how they look like they belong.


I’m in pain at the thought I don’t belong, I’m the imposter.

I know the solution but I feel like I don’t belong.


Yeah, you say it’s easy. Just put on your gear and walk in the door right?


But what about when I don’t know my way around?

What about when I get confused about using the machine and look dumb?

What about when I don’t even have a plan for what to do when I’m there?

What about when I trip? Or hurt myself? And get judged?


I truly want to try but all of that freaks me out.


I do dream that one day it will be easy.

I dream I’ll belong at the gym, in the classes and using the machines.

I dream I’ll feel fit, strong, energetic and attractive.

I dream I’ll make the right choices, EASILY! Eating healthily, moving more, feeling confident and loving what I see in the mirror.


I dreamed that one day, I would have that and I knew it would open up doors for me and I’d feel:

–      comfortable in photos, even attractive

–      comfortable to travel, live a little more vibrantly

–      comfortable to invest in me and my life

–      comfortable to love and more deeply

–      comfortable to LIVE – fully and with no apologies

–      comfortable to say NO

–      comfortable to just be me


I showed up, I got myself a coach. And here we are, 13 months later – I’m living with my eyes wide open and now helping others too. The dream is real and the judgements were BS but the thoughts weren’t – I needed to process those, I needed to re-wire my thinking. I’m just like you and this was part of my struggle – what you feel is NORMAL. I should know, I’ve been there.


You are only there because there’s something you haven’t dealt with yet –

–      Is it emotion?

–      Past trauma?

–      Stress?

–      A difficult conversation?

–      Ending a relationship?

–      Someone you need to stand up to?

–      Living by your rules, not someone else’s?

–      Have you put your dreams on hold for someone else or something else?


Unless you address what hasn’t been dealt with, you will always feel like hiding and continue to fuel habits that only serve to increase your weight, lower your energy and make you feel like crap.


I had to rewire my thinking about movement, about food and the weight dropped off without me controlling it and the digestion resolved itself without me having to get any special procedures and the energy came out of nowhere and it feels amazing!

You’ve got the ability to have this too! How do I know? I’ve been there and my clients have been there BUT we are now FREE from the controlling rituals we had around food and exercise so we can focus more on what is really, truely important to us.

Chloe x

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