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I find myself challenged, everyday, with the pattern of scarcity.

You know.

The thoughts of not having enough…

  • Enough money
  • Enough time
  • Enough love
  • Enough success
  • Enough friends
  • Enough connection with family
  • Enough words
  • Enough value
  • Enough clients
  • Enough.

Those thoughts are epic…

Epic for getting nowhere!

Is that what I want to do? Be nowhere? Doing nothing?

Being bored. Resentful. Tired. Stuck in Groundhog Day. Scared.


I’m the kind of woman who has a tug at her heart to do more, it’s always there!

It’s the pull to help others to march the road I’ve marched before – to find themselves, love themselves and find the passion and purpose which inspires others to do the same.

To lift that heavy fog that tells them they aren’t enough, don’t have enough.

And create the burning desire to change.

Scarce thinking is just another way to bring us down.

Keep us playing small.

Never changing, staying “safe”.

I want to live.

I want to love.

I want to be successful.

I want to inspire 100’s of woman.

I want to earn while doing what I love.

But I fear.

Do they know they are enough?

Do they know they are worth it?

And do they know that they are a priority too?

Do they know that they get to have what they want?

I hope so. They just have to show up, do the work to own what it is their soul truely wants.

Then things like exercise and food become trivial.

They move beyond it.

And doing so, they heal their body of shame/guilt/disgust.

They become free to love their bodies, feel attractive and treat their bodies with love.

This is where the weight disappears. This is where the love floods in. This is where they get to create a new story where they star in their show with fun and adventure and tons of love.

Chloe x

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