If you asked me 2 years ago if I’d be here sharing this information for free, I would have laughed.

I’ve come a LONG way in health coaching and business coaching and have literally done all the trial and error to boil it down to this one simple challenge to “Craft your Signature Program” in HOURS, not weeks or months or even, years. 

Over the past year, especially, I have worked out the simplest and fastest path to crafting a program for one client or for many with incredible results (not to mention great sales). 

Here’s why… 

When we have poured our heart and soul into crafting a program from our own experience that is so unique only we could deliver it, the energy is unmatchable. 

The best part, I create my successful programs in HOURS using the method I want to teach in this 3-Day “Craft Your Signature Program” Challenge (or The CYSP Challenge). 

Did I mention it’s free? Yep! And there’s no wishy-washy content, it’s not my style. You’ll get the fact to implement. 

We start 10th April and complete on the 12th April. 

And I have one last special announcement… one participant who completes all the homework by the 13th April in Health Coach Acceleration Facebook Group will go in the draw for a very special gift! A 90-minute “Signature Program Makeover” Mini Intensive. Cool eh? 

All you need to do to register below for the reminders and most importantly, the replay links so you can refer back to the training when you need it. 


See you for the challenge! 

Chloe xx

[3-Day Challenge Coming Up] Craft your Signature Program in HOURS, not weeks/months – register now!

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