I am so passionate about helping people get more of what they want and wanted to share how you can with this 3-Step System to Change a Habit so you can do it yourself.


Because I’m so concerned with the mindfulness of our society, we are ‘too busy’ to care about ourselves, ‘too busy’ to give ourselves the space to understand what it is we want, ‘too busy’ to create the time to get what we do want.

And because we are ‘too busy’, we have become uninvolved in our society, community and political issues. We haven’t lost our voice, we have lost time to question the world, the rules, the reasons why and use our voice to stand up for what we believe in.

I have a vision to elevate the energy and mindfulness of woman worldwide so they can achieve their goals and then share the love. Using their newfound energy and confidence to find their voice to question the way we are doing things and impact society, community and the world around them in a positive way!

It takes one step. Each small step creates a movement, each small step builds the result.

Taking the first step should be easy, pick one simple habit and start now!

My system for habit change includes 3 steps: 

  1. Plan your next move
  2. Implement your new habit
  3. Maintain and create a behaviour

and repeat…

So, let’s break it down! I recommend you do this exercise as you read to unlock your energetic and mindful power! 🙂

Plan your next move

  • Decide on your goal
  • How does your food support your goal?
  • How does your movement support your goal?
  • Decide what habit needs to change
  • Decide on the minimum follow through required (as an example, if you want to start running but never run, you can’t expect to go from 0 to 7 days a week immediately. Be realistic and gentle on your self).
  • Determine what will prevent you from achieving this goal
  • Decide how to make follow through inevitable
  • What can I do to care for myself when I feel like falling off track? e.g. massage

Implement your new habit

  • Schedule time to practice your habit, think about a time of day that suits you and your energy levels best
  • Go to the supermarket when you aren’t hungry
  • Book in your self-care
  • When you carry out the minimum follow-through on your habit, acknowledge it in a positive, healthy way.

Maintain and create a behaviour

  • Review how you feel before and after you practice your new habit
  • Do a daily check-in, remind yourself why you are doing this
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you fall off track, get curious on why you did, it’s important to self-reflect and work it out.
  • Write up your new baseline of habits and behaviours.

My clients see create results in their energy, weight and mindfulness when they work on the above steps and you can too! Book in a complimentary chat with me to discuss your plan to make positive progress in your health journey!

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