It’s nearly a year since we lost our first pregnancy. 

That was a time filled with turmoil, pain, grief – that some will understand.


I’d actually spent last year quite switched off and detached from it. 

Too afraid to try again.

Too afraid to get it wrong. 

Too afraid to hurt so bad. 


Reflection has been one of my most powerful tools in my business and yet, in my personal life, I’d fully shut it down. 


But I finally gave myself permission this year to dive in. 

To explore and feel and hurt so I could move on. 


What that gave me was a radical sense of acceptance.

And awareness that I would love to share with you today in the effort to help you move past negative self-talk, self-doubt and in to a space of surrender, flow and radical self-acceptance.


These lessons I’m about to share are how my dreams are flowing in at such a rapid pace, travelling, creating 5-figure months and experiencing more and more freedom and joy everyday. 


Here’s what I’ve realised: 

  1. Finding joy, acceptance or enthusiasm in what you have today is essential – nothing grows from the place where you constantly focus on what you don’t have. 
  2. Let go of any attachment to how you achieve your goals – it doesn’t matter if your clients came from online or local, the point is that they found you. 
  3. Courage and resilience are going to be your biggest super powers. The courage to step out and say YES when you have no idea how it will work – if your heart says yes then just do it and resilience to keep going even when it looks like it might not work. 
  4. This is only the first of many, many, many times you’ll hear no, fail, get no response – try UNTIL it works, never give up. Most quit right before their biggest successes, how close are you? 
  5. If you are getting tired, it’s time to reflect on where you need support – this is about freedom, energy and enjoyment not struggle, fear and exhaustion.
  6. Every setback is a NEW OPPORTUNITY. If I hadn’t allowed my miscarriage to be an opportunity, I wouldn’t be here today. I saw it as my time to travel, grow my business and get us organised to move to New Zealand. 
  7. Always have support, ALWAYS. I’ve called in coaches and healers along the way to help me heal and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. 


Where can you be in 3-6 months if you lived in these lessons every day? 


For me? It looks something like an incredible trip to Europe, 5 new clients ready to unleash their greatness and the biggest months financially that I’ve ever seen.


Contact me to apply for your complimentary Financial Freedom Breakthrough session, there’s 2 spots left this week for the woman who wants to leave behind negative self-talk and self-doubt and start stepping in to her power with health, wealth and freedom. 

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