For the heart-centred entrepreneur who is ready to launch their online health/wellness business and make money living their dream!


 How freaking awesome is it going to be when you have a thriving business making a difference in the world?

 And how awesome will it be to accomplish the very thing that lead you to start your business – time for your family and travel when you want?

 And even more than that, how perfect to be doing it in such a way that you don’t lose your mind over trying to figure it all out alone?!



And just like you, I desperately wanted to…

Leave my day job to work by my own rules and schedule

Live a life of fulfilment helping others and making a massive difference!

Work from wherever I please, visiting family in NZ or holidaying in Fiji <3

Make a decent income to afford comfort and travel

But most importantly, I wanted to do it all without having to sacrifice the very reason I started my business….



Here’s the thing…

You have these dreams of being your own boss, living in flow and abundance and helping people to feel better but there are so many things to do and it’s overwhelming knowing where to focus to get their fast.

It’s easier to get busy watching a bunch of webinars, youtube videos, e-books, guides, checklists and events… Am I right???

LOL I’ve freaking been there!

And I’m curious… would you pay a CEO to watch and use free webinars/youtube videos to piece together your business???

HELL NO! You want a business making $$$, not getting busy watching free stuff on Youtube.

It’s time to embrace your inner boss lady – back yourself and your business and start making $$$. 


I remember when I graduated from HCI, I was SO EXCITED to do this work. To launch my health coaching business and see it soar. I started posting, set up a website, made my business cards, made a flyer. And then I waited.

I made a couple of hundred dollars here and there over the course of 6 months but really, I was struggling! There was no time between my corporate job, life and biz.

I remember in this 12 month entrepreneur course learning, if you can make $1 you can make $100,000.

On a whim, I resigned from my day job, rented a room at the local gym for 12 months and got myself a mentor. I was determined to expand my couple of hundred dollars! I had no evidence I was going to be able to cover the rent or pay my mentor after the 1st payment LOL – I had no network to leverage off, no previous sales/marketing experience. 

And yet, I made just over $4k in my first month of leaving my corporate job – I was ecstatic! It was coming true!


Investing in my mentor was the scariest and riskiest thing I had ever done! Who was I to invest in myself without proving I could make this business work?

Well Fk me! What a game-changer! It was more than just tools and strategies – my mentor helped me see and crack through my BS limitations while exposing me to all levels of coaching and giving me badass confidence.

And with that, I was able to create a business I LOVE! I’ve been able to work from home, travel while still making money and have a lifestyle most wouldn’t believe! Waking up when I want to, walking, journaling, beaches, meditations, walks and a few hours of coaching/mentoring/training clients!

It became apparent quite quickly that training was never enough to help new coaches/startups – there were missing pieces to help someone effectively launch their business with EASE, SIMPLICITY and CONFIDENCE in a community. 

It seemed the options were largely to do it alone.

And The most crucial element missing?

The loving kick in the a$$ ALL new coaches need to get themselves out there and make money.

So I have to ask…

 What would it feel like to learn what it takes to make $4k in your first month of business?

 And to know you can expand on this without having a CRAZY calendar and still have time for you/your family?

 And to have someone to bounce ideas off who has been exactly where you are now and got results?

 How will you feel when you have time to run your day how you really want: wake up when you want, beach time, walking, relaxed breakfast etc.?

 And how will it feel when you are debt free and financially free because you showed up and did what it took to live a lifestyle you freaking love?


Let go of the doubt, if I can do this with no network, marketing or sales experience, then this is completely possible for you.

All you have to do is decide… are you willing to do the work required to create your dream life?

If you are still reading, then you obviously are a hell yes!! And because you are, I’ve got the perfect program to support you in your unique journey to step you through to making this your reality.

Before i started with Chloe I was in a bit of a rut.

I knew where i wanted to get to, i was confident in my ability as a coach but i just felt something was missing. I started noticing Chloe’s Facebook lives and i really got the sense she knew what she was talking about & so i arranged a call.

We talked & I just knew that working with chloe would be a good move for me. Her fantastic knowledge of the business side of coaching was EXACTLY what i needed….. BUT i couldn’t afford it. So i said to Chloe “I know that you are what i need, I currently don’t have the money but give me one day and ill see if something opens up for me”. I got off the call in the mindset of how can i make this happen & a day later i had signed up with enough money for my first investment… I had asked, I trusted & the universe showed me the way.

Now for the important bit… Chloe is not what I expected… she is WAYYY more and I would have paid double for what i have received. Seriously, this girl is dedicated, knowledgeable and gives tough love when needed but above all, I have never felt so supported and I would not have come as far as I have without her.

If you are looking for the extra edge to having the successful business you desire….. Chloe is your girl!! Dont think, just book a call and let her show you her magic ❤️❤️

Alwynn HynesWeight Loss CoachSuper Slimming Secrets

Chloe came into my life when I was a little unsure, actually, make that a hella unsure of where I wanted this coaching business to take me.

I opened up to the Clarity Call as I knew that this is the type of call I would be making and I wanted to learn more. But to be honest, I really didn’t know what I wanted for myself.

Well, within an hour, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and saw a route for me to get there. The energy that lifted me in that call was tangible. I have never felt more alive.

That aliveness and energy is exactly how I feel EVERY time I am coached by Chloe. Her sincerity and intuition are balanced perfectly with her ability to call me out on my BS and this is EXACTLY what I needed. I am someone who needs that accountability and someone to challenge my thoughts and actions and constantly pull me back into alignment with my WHY.

I am still in the early phase of setting up my business BUT I have taken some monumental steps that felt so right with the support I was receiving. I started a business, had several clarity calls in a week, broke through my self esteem issues I had around using social media, I refined my program and my communications. It is amazing how much better you communicate when you know in your heart what your program can do for someone and that is where Chloe really made me get real. What could I offer. What was my value. What was I bringing to my audience. From this place I don’t have to sell. I just have to connect and the rest does it’s thing.

I am eternally grateful and hands down the best money invested in my career to date. 

Alia MeaDitch Disordered Eating CoachNutrire Health and Recovery Coach

Welcome to ABUNDANT!

A 5 month “get shit done” group program designed to unblock the BS keeping you stuck and teach you the How-To’s needed for heart-centred, service-based entrepreneurs to launch their business, grow their network and make $$$.

We both know it’s time to light that fire under your a$$, get out there, make a difference and make some money!

I’ve done just over $40,000 worth of education/mentorship around business and mindset to package this up in to a SIMPLE approach for coaches to launch and make $$$ quickly and for a really good deal because I know what its like just getting started as a coach.

Here’s a look at how we will do this together >>>

Incredible amount of support in the private Facebook Group

Shifting mindsets with fortnightly group zoom calls

Tech and How-To trainings dropped weekly

Monthly group CHALLENGES (I’m so excited for this!) to rip up the crap that’s keeping you stuck around getting out there, being seen, making money, being creative and whatever else comes up.

MONTH ONE: Easy Steps To Increase Your Reach!

Clear the clutter – identifying the BS keeping you stuck from $10k months

Getting the message that attracts your soulmate clients

Crafting your offer (and confidence it will get results)

Writing posts which get your audience fired up!

Group challenge: Craft your signature offer!


MONTH TWO: Launch your offer

My personal social media strategy

How to rock your online presence and get clients

The $$$ Mindset

Tech: Getting bookings and payments

Group challenge: Network Builder!


MONTH THREE: Heartfelt Selling

The call flow that converts

End-to-end steps to get a YES

Getting in the mood for the convo!

To share (or not) your pricing

Group challenge: $4k in 4 weeks


MONTH FOUR: Next level client attraction


Email Strategy (and the email tools)


Group challenge: Double Your Network


MONTH FIVE: Produce raving clients

See your client’s BS limitations and call them out easily and directly in a way that inspires them to breakthrough

Position yourself as a leader – what boundaries to set and what to say

The role of vulnerability in your clients respect for you and inspiring your clients to push beyond their boundaries

Group challenge: $6k in 4 weeks


BONUSES (if it’s there, you get it)

My checklist for running events

Managing money like a bosslady

Crafting your signature program (and work out your next offering)

How to boost enrolment call bookings


Learn the steps to fill your 1-1 spots!



How will I know this is going to work? 

I’ll teach you all the steps I followed to make it.

If I made this work – $4k in my first month full-time coaching weight loss, without a network, previous marketing or sales experience, then you can too – I am no different to you. The only difference between me and other coaches who haven’t made it yet, I committed and invested in my mindset and the business stuff so it couldn’t hold me back.

Your only decision is how willing are you to show up and do the work required to make this work?

Obviously I cannot guarantee results but for the clients who have shown up and done the work, they are consistently booking calls starting from the same place I did.

I’m currently in the process of getting my certification, can I join? 

Yes, provided you are ready to take on clients by the second month of the program. I’ve had clients from HCI as an example start with me when they were just taking practice clients so we could build their network and confidence so they could take paying clients as soon as possible.

What kind of How-To’s will you teach? 

I teach everything that I needed to know in my first year of business. Nothing more, nothing less. So I focused on the bare minimum in terms of technology that will enable you to get out there, be seen and make $$$.