I had this crazy ridiculous drive and got caught in the hype of making $10,000’s right away. I paid through the nose 😬 thousands per month, for “coaching” and got caught in this wheel just keeping my head above water with debt, my relationship and business.

I made money. 

Not the way I wanted to.

It was unsustainable, sporadic, intense and relied on me living in a permanent, happy bubble which isn’t reality. 

I wanted to be empowered, abundant, in overflow.

What I really needed…

  • Empowerment when I stumbled.
  • Guidance on my business decisions but ultimate power to choose MY WAY!
  • The deep inner work, only a coach could do, on my money, message and freedom.
  • A coach just as passionate about my dreams as me

This impacted me fiercely and I made a decision last year when I became a business coach…

I would be everything I wish someone had been for me when I was getting started… the deep support, care, generous, simple teachings and loving butt kicking but most importantly, the kind of business coach who wasn’t afraid to get into the beliefs work that a new coach needs that so many don’t support.

If you had the opportunity to work with me, here’s how I would tackle it with you:

  1. Every single week, unpicking your barriers around money, confidence and worthiness. 
  2. Be your next most avid supporter (to your partner or mum 😂)! Collaborating together to increase your exposure 💖
  3. Simple and very effective steps to grow your business and fill your 1-1 spots or even run groups! 
  4. Every single week, holding a space for you to see any mischief at play and empowering you to step in to the next level in all areas of your life. 
  5. Most days, exchanging messages, figuring it out together.

And as a result, you fly through the steps that others spend years figuring out and have a business you can be so proud of where you can turn the tap up or down on how many clients to bring onboard.

My clients are happy, getting results and keep coming back (hence not many opportunities).

Today there is one ☝️

For a very special lady… is this you?

👉 You are so passionate about changing peoples lives

👉 You are determined to create a full-time income from your business within the context of your life and the lifestyle you want

👉 You know there’s work involved to do this like prioritising, studying, videos, social media, daily actions, brave and bold moves, presentations, MASSIVE self-care and so on. 

👉 You are ready to be raised to a new level of consciousness and deeply supported on this transformational journey

👉 You see a relationship between the inner work and business

Now, if you are 👆that 👆 kind of woman, this opportunity could be open to you.

But I have two more questions for you first…

🔥👉 Do you want this now? To start now? To take that powerful step towards your future dream WITHOUT frantic, desperate action?

🔥👉 Are you willing to do what it takes? To show up online, to do the inner work and take the bold steps every day?

If yes, then this opportunity is for you and your business. Visit www.sassme.com.au and book your discovery call to see if working together is the next best thing for you.

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