I recently had an awesome session with a client where we talked about achieving in life, what that looked like and how she felt like she was wasting time. It totally resonated with me!

I used to feel like this, I wanted to feel like I was moving forward in life but felt like nothing was changing. The funny thing was, I was expecting change but doing NOTHING to change it. Kind of like sticking up with everything you hate while waiting to win lotto…

That’s nuts! Life’s too short to hate what you do and feel like you have no choice.

How did I get caught in that hamster wheel where I assumed change would just happen to me in a big, positive way?

Because I had no vision, no clarity on exactly what I wanted.

Because I had no energy to spend time working in a logical order to get what I wanted.

 Because I was so tired, I didn’t have the clarity to look at what I was doing and ask myself WHY and WHAT DO YOU TRULY WANT?

Because waiting for something to happen to free me from the daily grind so I could make a choice, feel better about myself and live an awesome life just didn’t happen…

My “awakening” (if that’s what you want to call it), didn’t happen overnight. It started with my health, my body was sending me notices to change for a VERY LONG time, telling me what foods were hurting me. I ignored my symptoms and continued to do the same thing. (Definition of crazy right???).

It started with digestion and allergy issues, I had them since I was a kid so I always assumed it would be something I had to live with forever. So, I got over the fact they would be with me for good and moved on.

When I had to have surgery for an abscess on my face, I started asking myself, what could have caused this? I researched and eventually worked out my body was reacting to dairy in my gut and through my skin. When I cut it out, within a month, my skin was clear of pimples, cysts and I haven’t had another abscess! How cool is that?

Then, I had to go to emergency one night with major gut and back pain. I always had a bloated stomach so assumed I just had to live with that. After seeking help and not making progress with doctors and specialists, I started on my own journey to test the foods that weren’t working for me. So far, I’ve narrowed down my gut bloating to breads, caffeine and soy. My next move is to work out specifically what breads and soy products do it so I don’t have to be so restricted!

Here’s a disclaimer, what’s “healthy” for one is not for the other. I don’t recommend people cut breads, dairy, caffeine or soy from their diets! It might just be the food that is healthy for you! However, if you are experiencing digestive, energy or skin issues, it’s about working out what foods your body positively reacts to. I have worked that out through trial and error, all experimentation.

What is happening for me now that I’m drilling down to the core issues and addressing them? Well, I’ve got way more energy, I get compliments about my skin all the time (YAY!), I know what I want and can actively work on getting it and I no longer feel like I’m wasting time not doing anything or waiting! Oh and because my body is starting to heal, I’m losing excess weight without thinking about it! WOO HOO!! 

I work with my clients to uncover exactly what they want in life, tap in to their intuition and listen to their bodies to become aware of what foods give them energy and what foods are difficult to digest or cause a reaction such as bloating, gut pain, gas, headaches, constipation or the runs, skin breakouts and so on.

In a one hour session, I can help you build a plan so you can start to build your awareness of your bodies reaction to foods, uncover holds you back from getting what you want and determine what your next best step will be. Click the link below to schedule a time.


Ps the call is complimentary and there’s no obligations, I’d like to help you break through the fog and start getting more of what you want!