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I’ve had enough with the BS

The BS we tell ourselves that holds us back from being anything better than great.   Seriously.   If you can think it, you can have it and I’m more than ever a believer in this.   But… the BS is coming in from people thinking you just think it and there’s no bold growth […]


Not every day is a good day

I do wake up some mornings thinking… holy crap. Can I afford this? Do it this way? Make this work? Who am I to do this? Or it takes one trigger, something someone says or I read for example.    Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a relatively “normal” thing this past 2 […]


your true power

Do you crave to live into your true power?   My coach asked me to do a colour test, my core colour is white and motivation is peace and my core behaviour trait, creativity. ☮   Curious, isn’t it? To understand what drives you and keeps you balanced.   I spent my life saying I […]