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I hate diets

Don’t get me wrong, diets have their place. Just like any reference book or piece of information, you get snippets of good stuff that are relevant to you and the rest you ignore. Where diets fail are when they are taught as a regime. You must eat this, at this time, this often and repeat. […]

Time to get sassy! Watch out 2018

It’s nearly 2018 and as a result, I’ve been reflecting ALOT. There’s one common thread which plays over in my mind, who do I want to become in 2018? 2017 has been my most exciting year yet, planning a wedding with Brett, my traumatic experience in South Africa and launching my passion project to help woman […]

Is this food good for me?

How confusing is the health industry right now??? If I had a dollar for every conflicting piece of advice, I’d be rich (or pretty close to it). Apparently, we shouldn’t eat gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, carbs, fruits after 12pm, fruits in general, fried food, cooked food, food before bed, soy, fish and the list goes […]

I quit coffee and I didn’t die

“I’m so tired “Yeah? Bad sleep?” “Definitely, I need a coffee” I was a serious coffee addict, sometimes spending upmost of $12-15 per day to give me energy and help me overcome fatigue. Did it work? Ah, at the time I would have said “Sure it does”. I never reflected long enough to notice if […]