If you are single, this is just as important because we all need some good sexy time either with someone or by ourselves… wink, wink :p  

Your feeling low in confidence, energy and happiness, how are you going to feel sexy?

Your partner tries it on, your respond… “not tonight, I’m too tired”.

Your partner tries it on the next night… “not tonight, we have to be up early with the kids”.

Your partner tries it on… and well, you can see where I’m going with this.

The question is, when is a good time?

The last thing we want is for our partners to stop trying!

So, what’s holding us back?



Getting out of our heads!

Feeling sexy!

Any of the above, or tell me in the comments if there’s something else holding you back, I’d love to know!

We’ve got to get clear on what is holding you back so we can make a plan to address it. Here’s why!

You are sexy already! Your partner wants you SO bad and he/she wants to be wanted SO bad too.

Here’s 3 Tips to BOOST your libido and say YES to sex (if you want to)!

1. Boost your energy

  • Eat the best foods for your unique body type would be the first place to start.

  • Reduce your stress reaction, feeling stressed? Check in with your breathing, it will be shallow, make your breaths deep and drawn out to calm your body.

  • Move in a way you love! Dancing, walking, stretching doesn’t matter. Your body will thank you for it by giving you energy 🙂

2. Spend time reconnecting with your sexiness!

  • Slow down! Stress and being busy take their toll. Our brains respond to all stress the same, when you are rushing, your body rushes too, it doesn’t digest food as well, it saps your energy to get you through the day. Slowing down gives you the chance to settle your mind, digest your food well and be 100% present in the moment.

  • Get curious on your relationship with sex, don’t judge yourself for not feeling like it or doing it. It’s about understanding what’s holding you back in that moment so you can do something about it (if you want to).

  • Identify what makes you feel sexy and ASK for it! So is it a nice piece of lingerie, is it something you want your partner to do or say. Take 100% responsibility for feeling sexy so you can make sure you create the situation that will do that for you. 

3. Eat chocolate, yes, I did just say that 🙂

  • What chocolate though? Swap your milk chocolate or flavoured chocolates for pure, unsweetened dark chocolate. Usually with a 70% cacao content or higher where cacao or cacao butter is the first ingredient on the ingredients list (I recommend looking in the health food section of your supermarket).

  • Cacao contains two chemicals: tryptophan, which helps with sexual arousal and phenylethylamine, which is released in the brain when you fall in love and is also known as the “love chemical”.

  • Dark chocolate also contains an amino acid called L-arginine that helps enhance your sex drive by increasing nitric oxide and stimulating blood flow to your sex organs, which increases sexual sensation and desire.

  • It also contains a compound called Thobromine which stimulates the nervous system making you feel excitable and uplifted. This enhances your love mood by giving you that Aphrodisiac boost!

BONUS TIP! Practice! Your partner will thank you for it :p

My clients and I work on their relationship to their body, food and movement to boost energy, confidence and happiness. Knowing that how you do one thing (i.e. health) is how you do everything, if you love your health and become mindful in your health, this will flow through to your sex life! OH YES!

If this resounded for you, I’d love to hear! Book in a chat with me so we can create a plan for you to start feeling sexy, looking great naked and getting some… Click on the link below to book 🙂


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