Passion to Prosperity: My exact blueprint from zero network to fully booked without the crazy overwhelm

Coaches! I have created something with you in mind if…

…you are just getting started or unsatisfied with your earnings in coaching, this is for you!


This 12 week program is my exact blueprint for going from zero network to fully booked out with 1-1 clients and making 6-figures in my first year in coaching.

And purposefully designed for the fun, driven and super passionate coach who wants the roadmap I used to prosperity without the crazy complication, overwhelm or trying to be in 1000 places at once.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, the business stuff gets to be easy when combined with a rock solid mindset practice and aligning lifestyle and business so it flows and works together.

So in Passion to Prosperity, in the first two weeks… we focus on getting super clear on your vision, establishing a rock solid mindset practice around showing up and making money!

AS WELL AS surrounding yourself with like-minded coaches & consultants creating their dream businesses too for epic drive, accountability and awesome connections!

AND we will have amazing guest speakers who are leaders in their fields sharing their strategies too!

And that’s just prep weeks – YUSS!

Following that, we dive into 12 weeks of breaking down the very key aspects of a successful coaching business and with trainings and handouts teaching the tactics to:

1. Nail your message (and your niche if it isn’t clear yet) so you can stand out from a sea of coaches/consultants, attract the right clients, high-paying who are ready to work with you and speak with more potential clients.

2. Master your sales process so you can love the money conversations and also, hear more YESes! This process literally doubled my YESes so less discovery calls but more consistency.

3. Get more visible with your ideal clients in the online or local communities using my proven organic visibility system so you can surround yourself with ideal clients who are interested in working with you and receive rewarding pay days from your business without paying for ads.

4. And as a bonus, for the first 10 coaches, a personalised strategy call with me to map out your blueprint and leverage what you’ve got already (valued at $450), 10 ways to book more discovery calls and of course, our guest experts for visibility, branding and a few more I can’t share yet! 🤫

I’m so excited for it!! My best work yet!! 🤗

We have 6 coaches in already which is super exciting, there’s something so awesome about doing it together. And some are already booking clients!

If you feel you’d be a good fit – leave an emoji below or PM me, let’s get the ball rolling towards prosperity!

The blueprint of how I went from passion to prosperity

Ever wanted the EXACT blueprint on how I made 6-figures in my first year so you can replicate it?


I remember following coaches and thinking I want what she’s got, she just needs to tell me HOW.


So I’m giving you a little insight today on my simple, easy-to-follow blueprint.


The three money-making activities I focus on for big, sexy pay days, irrespective of what niche I was in – health coaching / business coaching, it got me the same results, 5-figure months and incredible clients!


This all ties in to my new program I’m launching soon called Passion to Prosperity! For new coaches ready for my clear-cut plan on how I reached prosperity.


It’s really simple.


Focus on actions that either:


Put you in front of your ideal client (online or locally – I’ve done both and they both work with the right desire, strategy and mindset). This is the VISIBILITY bucket.

Generate conversations and relationships with your ideal client (AND people who can connect you to your ideal client). This is the CONNECTION bucket.

Invite your ideal clients to work with you. This is the INVITATION bucket.


All three buckets need to be filled EVERY week but they aren’t all equal in their link to prosperity but thinking about it this way does help with setting some goal-smashing targets. Each bucket gets smaller as the interaction gets more personal.


So, your visibility bucket should be big, being visible to 100’s, if not 1000’s of people, through events, videos, posts, referrals etc.


Your connection bucket is smaller, you only have so many hours in a day after all – you can’t connect with 100’s-1000’s but you can with a couple dozen.


And lastly, your invitation bucket, again you only have so many hours, this requires 1-1 interaction to make an invitation to your program either over the phone or messenger so… a handful of people (maybe up to 10 or more, depends on the lifestyle you are leading each week).


So in summary, be VISIBLE, CONNECT and INVITE.


This is the foundation for Passion to Prosperity – you wouldn’t believe it, we’ve already got 4 people in and we haven’t even launched yet! This is how powerful this program will be!


I designed it for passionate, fun and really driven coaches who don’t want to waste time figuring it out but want a clear plan to follow so they can start being visible, connecting, inviting and making money consistently.


Pre-Launch spots are nearly filled (even before we’ve launched!!!) and I’m inviting passionate, fun, driven and really high-vibe coaches to reach out to find out more during pre-launch as there’s a special discount for those who join prior.


Here’s what you’ll learn in Passion to Prosperity –

  • Nailing your message so you can attract the right clients, high-paying who are ready to work with you (and I have to add, how you talk about your offers).
  • Mastering your sales process (in and outside your community group, this includes your events) so you can, not only fill your group with ideal clients but also, hear more YESes!
  • Getting more visible so you can expand your network and receive rewarding pay days from your business.


The price is likely to go up end of this week to standard launch prices.


Hit reply if you want more info!


Chloe xx

I’ve had enough with the BS

The BS we tell ourselves that holds us back from being anything better than great.




If you can think it, you can have it and I’m more than ever a believer in this.


But… the BS is coming in from people thinking you just think it and there’s no bold growth required to get it.


At the beginning of last year, I was on a call with a coach (which turned out to be my first ever investment in a business coach).


He took me through an exercise where a vision came from nowhere.


I wanted babies, money to travel, a thriving coaching business making six figures, to follow my dreams to visit Europe and a home in NZ where my husband and I could raise our family away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.


This past 3 months, the light has truly shone down on the wild abundance that is my life.


The trip to Europe with my husband.

Travelling with my biz.

Flights booked to move to NZ.

A baby on the way.


But the light didn’t actually shine down on me and wild abundance wasn’t gifted.


It was there ALL ALONG.


I just couldn’t see through the fog of doubt, fear, anxiety and all the other crap I was surrounded by.


I had to WORK for this.


One year and 3 months of bravery, wiping tears, cleaning up small errors and even BIGGER mistakes and letting go of the rules (my rules, my family’s, society’s and all the expectations on how things should be done).


And there was a lot of BS I told myself along the way.

Could I do this? Would it work? Did I know enough? Was I good enough? What if it didn’t work?


And there was a lot of BS others told me too.

Did I want to put that pressure on myself? You could just get a job like everyone else? What if it doesn’t work? Have you had any money come in yet? Be careful, wouldn’t want to invest all of that and waste it…


And little ol’ me just relentlessly trusting this WILL WORK.


Why? I could consider myself crazy right?


But I knew. My gut knew. My intuition knew.


This was my path so fk the thoughts, the doubt, their fears.


And I kept showing up UNTIL IT WORKED.

So one year and 3 months in, I have nearly my whole vision.


And it’s time to start creating a new one about impact. Watch this space.


We are in for a wild ride!!


Chloe xx


Ps. Keep your eyes peeled, I have a special coming to tie in to the impact I’m making.


A new and 6-figure inspired program for coaches to get the EXACT blueprint I followed to create this life AND have amazing clients AND prosperity from my passion.


Cool eh? Passion to Prosperity is launching very soon and we already have spots filled!


Talk about abundance <3

Not every day is a good day

I do wake up some mornings thinking… holy crap.

Can I afford this? Do it this way? Make this work? Who am I to do this?

Or it takes one trigger, something someone says or I read for example. 


Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a relatively “normal” thing this past 2 years. 

And my ego is finding it “easier” as I get more practiced

It’s how I’ve created a business that supports me with everything I want to do for family, travel and freedom. 


It’s required some intense shifting of self-doubts and fears. 

And more recently something new


I’ve just chosen to uplevel again 

  • 6X’d my investment with a business & mindset coach 
  • Booked a retreat in LA in September with a bunch of 6 & 7-figure female entrepreneurs
  • Am travelling around Europe with my husband till the end of June while running my business