Of course, it also can sound daunting when you haven’t done it before. 


I had a lady say this just the other day, “it sounds great, but it means I’d actually have clients, be making money, have that responsibility.”


And sometimes the very reason we aren’t moving ahead in our business is because we fear the unknown, especially, the responsibility of leading someone through the transformation and whether or not, they get the results they wanted. 


And this is also the very reason most people hold back. Wanting to “prove” they can do it before investing in their business and then getting ‘busy’ doing things in the business like business cards, websites, podcasts, posting without intention. 


Once stretched super thin, the successful work is sporadic and gets them random results and an inconsistent income (or none at all).


Ladies, you’ve expressed you want to leave your day jobs by earning enough to replace your salaries. It starts with the very brave leap that sets you up for making consistent 5 k months. 


This is where you need to step up, put on your business-savvy hat and decide… 


What will happen over the next 6 months if I have a proven process to get consistent 5 k every 30 days? 


Especially, one that helps you to: 

→ Master booking discovery calls so you can have certainty on how to get clients, be in demand for your services and leave your overwhelm behind.

→ Fall in love with your sales conversations with the end-to-end process which has you so empowered to make the invitation and have you hearing YES more often!

→ Grow your community with ease and filled with ideal clients who feel completely lit up by your message and energy so you can enjoy showing up and making exciting offers that have your clients jumping to get involved! 


As an empowered, business-savvy woman, making this business a success, you have a choice…


  1. Step up and explore your options to reach consistent months faster so you can feel relaxed, grounded and confident in the future of your business (and leaving your day job) or 
  2. Stay the same, getting the same results, working that job you don’t like. 


If you chose option 1, then I welcome you to this limited offer to book a 30 days to 5 k Accelerator Session. With a value of 297 I’m sure it’s going to knock your socks off!!! 

In this session, we will:

  • Get super clear on where you are in your business
  • What you want to get from your business and 
  • How to get you consistent 5 k months ASAP
  • And if it all sounds good, we can talk about working together in the On The Rise mentorship while it’s 2k off it’s original pay in full price for this week only and for the first 3 people who sign-up.


Yep, you heard me! A 2k discount and limited to the 3 people who sign-up this week.


I cannot wait to speak with you! 


Here’s to you feeling the success sooner! 


Much love, 


Chloe xx

Ps. Life is rigged for those who are bold and make smart, quick decisions that feel intuitively right. 

Remember that those who have mastered any skill from Olympians through to 6-figure coaches have had a tutor, mentor, teacher – someone who had gone before them and stepped them through the good and bad. They didn’t do it alone, neither do you.

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