Is there honestly a world in which this kind of bliss would exist? Ah… yeah!!

I ALWAYS have clients confess with guilt that they’ve eaten chocolate this week or they had an extra glass of wine.

Should I be disappointed? NO WAY! Last time I checked, we were all human and as humans, we LOVE things that make us feel really, really good. I always say, we are all creatures of passion, not habit, habits are just things we do because they make us feel good!

Well, I’m not disappointed. I’m proud. When my clients come to me with guilt, shame, disappointment because they’ve done something they aren’t proud of, it tells me we are making great progress! Stick with me on this.

When we are experiencing a transformation, our brain is in a conflict. There’s a part of our brains (we will call it the red brain) that is responsible for safety and security and so far so good right? Your alive so it’s doing it’s job really well! The red brain keeps pulling us back to the old habits which have got us to where we are today. Then there’s a part of our brains (we can call it the green brain) that wants a change, it wants you to transform, change the experience and live your best life.

When experiencing change but you are too restricted or under-nourished, your red brain is going to rebel and you’ll “sabotage”!

Side note, I hate this word “sabotage” because it indicates your actions are malicious and on purpose, which is complete BS. We don’t want to ruin our diets or workouts and would never do this on purpose. I’ve NEVER heard someone say I am purposely going to go out of my way to ruin my workout and food plans because I don’t want to feel good/better/great.

Okay, back on track again. I can promise you that chocolate, wine, exercise, weight loss and every other thing you want can co-exist! There’s a secret element that people miss that prevents a lot of people from losing weight, boosting their energy and feeling great in their own skin.

When I tell you this, you’ll think it’s a bunch of woo-woo nonsense but I promise it’s not. I’ve personally lost nearly 10kg just from changing this one thing…


This sounds a little to easy right? Well, what I’ve noticed about how we indulge is incredible. Our guilt has created the most unusual behaviours like eating a chocolate bar, have you ever noticed how fast you do it? Almost like you are eating behind your own back so you can pretend like it never happened? And what about when we are “relaxing” on the couch but feel so guilty that we aren’t doing anything so we pick up the laptop or our phones and scroll Facebook as if we are ticking something off the to do list so we feel productive… as if relaxing is a bad thing!


If you can savour every bite of your chocolate, every sip of your wine, every moment on the couch then you are no longer in a rush or stressed with guilt. You are going to get a chance to actually enjoy those indulgences, you’ll feel nourished, you’ll slow down and LOVE every part of spoiling yourself. Your body is going to thank you for it, mine did. I’ve got a whole new level of energy, lost weight, clearer skin and I still eat chocolate, drink wine and have my time on the couch but I do it all on purpose and I love it!

Because of my own experience, I now help woman double their energy and lose weight without restrictive diets and punishing exercise. I’m not a trainer, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m a Health and Mindset Coach who passionately helps my clients face-to-face and over the phone bust through the barriers holding them back from achieving what they want in their health and life. We work together to help them become the healthiest version of themselves and live their best life ever! If you want to find out more, I’m currently running a promo for your Total Health Transformation Discovery Session in which we uncover your vision for your health and life, discover what is holding you back from achieving your vision and a plan for the next best steps to achieve your vision. Join me here:

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