I checked in today after a bag of chips… yep…


Travelling has my schedule out of whack, I’m out of my comfort zone and going through what one can only describe as a SQUEEZE.


Defined as that moment in which you feel you’ve pushed yourself so far out of your comfort zone you might die of judgement or epically and horribly fail.


Ever been there? 🤷‍♀️

I have. Often.

It’s the entrepreneurial journey.


It’s a good place to be – stretch, squeeze, release & uplevel (and repeat). It helps to recognise it and support yourself through it.


A bag of chips may not have been the best way… but who am I to judge, that’s in the past and my body was trying to get my attention 🤷‍♀️


What’s most important, the recovery that gets us back in our place of genius. Here’s my tricks that had me back in flow writing this in a matter of 5 minutes…


  1. Accept the past is the past and all we do is learn from it – not punish ourselves over it.
  2. Tune in, what does my body actually need? Rest, journaling, water – lots of water (especially after salted chips 😂)
  3. Identify the trigger – what set me off? Too much social media time – but what triggered the social media time? An employee I was worried about with changes in the biz and a new investment in my business (social media agency – BIG moves!)
  4. Address those triggers head on like a boss:
  • Journaled how I want to feel, how to get there, how I want others to feel and how I’m going to tackle the harder stuff and how all this awesome stuff gets me closer and closer to my dreams ✔
  • Conversation with employee ✔
  • Paid the first invoice ✔
  • Establish a morning routine (even while travelling) ✔


And voila! We are back onboard and kicking goals!!


Cheers to you flowing in energy and choosing energy first in food, health, life and business!!




Chloe xx

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