Are you worried when it comes to getting clients? Feeling like you are coming across as sales-y or push-y so you can get a YES to book a call or even join your program? 


But all you actually hear is NO or absolute crickets… 

Maybe you get a “I can’t afford it” at the end of what felt like an incredible coaching call. Is that how your calls are ending? 


I get it because me of all people certainly knows that feeling! I was in the same situation. I once did 10 calls over a week and they were all NO’s…  


But all seriousness, what if you were so confident in booking discovery calls and inviting them to work with you, that the ONLY thing stopping you from hearing a “Yes” was whether or not you wanted to work with them? 


It’s an incredible feeling to have mastered the end-to-end experience for your clients where the conversation about money is seamless and empowering. 


What if you could hear someone say, “I can’t afford it,” and have a structure that supports you expertly hold space for a client while they work through their money beliefs?


It’s really about mastering the complete process to get ideal clients on the phone who want to work with you and powerfully coaching them through their money limitations. 


If you’re ready for… 

  • Healthy paydays
  • Committed clients 
  • A sales process you LOVE which is completely in flow & 
  • Clients who give raving testimonials because of their results.


Then you’ve got to love selling and see it for the empowering and eye-opening opportunity it is for your potential clients! 


And you’re in luck, because I’m in the mood to share my love for selling by offering a 20- Minute Assessment, called “Getting Booked”. 


In this conversation, you tell me about your sales process and I’ll share with you my insights about what might be missing that has you stepping over lots of sales and opportunities to make great money and a big difference in the lives of your clients. 


I’ve got limited space from now until Saturday when I’m out for a friends hens weekend! Snatch em’ up ladies, they won’t last! 


Chloe xx

From some clients to many

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