So many coaches come to me telling me they’ve given up on social media. 

They’ve tried so many things and it just doesn’t work. 


And I usually find one of the following is missing…


One → Vulnerability (Heart)

Two → Strategy (Head)

Three → Alignment (Connection)


They know their strategy, it feels aligned with what they want to create but they aren’t vulnerable to bring heart to the table and connect with others. 


Or they are vulnerable and aligned but have no strategy to gain traction and visibility in the most effective way. 


Or they are vulnerable and have the strategy but it’s so out of alignment with the business they want to create (ie pushy sales scripts…). 


I’ve swung between each post many times. 

As I uplevel, each of these shifts and needs uplevelling as well. 


When I dive in to the work one-on-one. 

I pinpoint the work we need to do FAST.

Emotional, beliefs, strategy work.

It’s like pressing PLAY on life and business again. 


Then with excitement, I watch my clients do amazing things! Like book 3 discovery calls in 15 mins after chatting with me, or book a talk, or just show up MASSIVELY and fill their spots in the space of a month!! 


So I’m curious for you, where do you need to press PLAY?

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