Don’t doubt that any other niche is going to bring you more money!

That’s some sneaky unconscious, critter brain action right there and you get to know right now, right here that what you are doing WILL WORK! Period.

The only real obstacle is you growing in to the person who can serve the people you really want to serve.

Right now, you might look at others and think, well their niche looks:
Makes more money
There’s more people to sell to
It’s easier to communicate what you do

But girl, that isn’t true AT ALL.

Those people are just taking every step to become the person who can lead the way – they are doing the work with their beliefs and thought patterns to bust through that shit and create some EPIC service!

What separates those people from the pack?
They enlist help – seriously. I haven’t met a coach/entrepreneur who didn’t invest in themselves in time, money, effort to personally develop their mindset, resilience and courage.

Investing in your knowledge is great to upgrade your service but if you aren’t courageous, resilient and trust that this is going to work – there are many, many things that will knock you down.

By the way, when you are a heart-centred, service-based woman, what do you think happens when you pick a niche based on:
– what others do
– the “market”
– the volume of people
– people with money
– or whatever other thought is going through your mind

You start to hate it.
You resent it.
You start comparing yourself to others because you aren’t speaking your truth to your people (you aren’t sounding like the ones who had the success right?) but nothing resonates with you and everyone else feels that!

Do you see?

So where you are is perfect!
If your soul is calling for a change (like what recently happened to me to help other health coaches) – follow it.
If you want to change because you are hoping for more money – that won’t resonate with you or your potential clients.

You started on your journey because there was something really, truely important to you – to help others go through what you went through, am I right?

So girl, I’m telling you – if your heart led you to focus on these people/niche, then you are in the right place and your only job is to keep showing up, leaning in and listening to your intuition – it will lead you exactly where you need to go!

So lady, step up to the plate.
Make your next move.
Don’t think – take action.

Keep stepping.
Your message is powerful!
There are people out there ready and waiting to hear your message.
All you need to do is show up and speak.

They need you.
So embrace who you are.
Show who you are.
And thrive from this place.
It’s natural, it’s passionate and it’s freaking, damn fun!

Get amongst it.

Love you lots,

Chloe x

PS. if this is resonating then you’ll fit right in to our Fresh Start for Coaches program – this is where we get really clear on who you serve, YOUR message and creating a program that seriously excites the crap out of you, literally!

I just decided this morning while walking that I’m going to throw in my sales with heart script which is SO POWERFUL that your potential clients will feel so served during their conversation with you and increase your conversions.

Now, I know scripts can be so icky and never sound like you so I’m also throwing in an EPIC bonus some personal 1-1 support to help you clearly align your sales conversations with your message and then courageously run the sales convo like having a wine with a friend 🥂🥂🥂.

There are a couple of spots open and we start Monday.

If your soul is saying – OMG, yes! Take action, don’t let that soul-prompt go – you seriously get to choose to feel awesome and lit up and excited about your biz! You already know if this is right for you and if you feel called, I can’t wait to chat with you – click here to choose your time to chat now! 



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