When I first decided to start my business, I wanted to quit my job. People didn’t believe I could make it work, I mean I’d only earned $150 when I decided it would be a good gig LOL. I was surrounded by work colleagues who made fun of people starting their own business… But I remembered what someone told me, if you can make $1, you can make $100,000. I powered on. 

When I first started, people told me not to rent out an office that I hadn’t proved it could work. It stumped me for several months, hence the delay in starting my business. But I pulled it together knowing that 12 month lease was the best accountability to show up and make it work. I powered on and made $4k in my first month from NOTHING…

When I was a few months in, I saw posts making a mockery of coaching, it stumped me. What was I doing creating a business that people didn’t take seriously? But then I reminded myself of the incredible results my clients were getting. I powered on and made between $7-9.5k months in my health coaching business (in the first 6 months).

People got annoyed with my posts, they said, “oh look, Chloe’s doing another live” or “just lives on social media”. I was stumped again, was I doing the wrong thing but… I remembered I wasn’t doing it for them, I was doing it for those health coaches who wanted to accelerate, wanted to leave their jobs, wanted to impact lives. I powered on. 

When I got a coach, people told me: “shouldn’t you do it alone and save the expense”. It stumped me. Was there something wrong with me to have a coach? But then I remembered, I like to work with others, have accountability and support because I’m going far and fast! I powered on, got a coach and now run a lifestyle business helping people and have the time off to travel and play when I want. 

The other day, I had a “successful” business owner read one of my posts and decide I wasn’t earning enough money (FYI – I hadn’t even shared how much I earned). The message was clear, if I wasn’t earning 7-figures I should be and I needed help. 

For a moment, I was stumped. 

What if they were right? What if I wasn’t doing a good enough job? Why wasn’t I earning 7-figures?

But then I remembered, I’ve been in business for one very solid and successful year, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I’ve travelled, made an impact AND keeping i mind, my dream… I’ve wanted 6-figures but at this very moment in my life, I’m not energetically available for 7-figures! So I replied with: “you didn’t even read my post, did you LOL”. And I powered on to make my best month in business yet! 

The point I’m making here, everyone has an idea of what success looks like to them and if we let their opinions damage our confidence or take on their ideas even though we don’t want to, then what chance do we have?

If you go looking for people’s opinions to make a big decision, you are putting YOUR FUTURE and POWER in someone else’s hand. And the reality, you already know what it is you want when you check your intuition. 

Their map tells them that your idea is good or bad based on what THEY BELIEVE & DESIRE for THEIR life – not yours. This leaves you either empowered or disempowered and confused as all hell. 

Trust you have the knowledge, power and skill to make the kind of decisions that are needed for you for YOUR JOURNEY. 

There is no such thing as a wrong decision – every intuitive decision expands you to learn what you need to learn to have everything you desire.

Happy decision-making!

Chloe x

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