This independence but ‘play-it-safe’, ‘don’t do what I wouldn’t do’ piece of culture makes me smile (in a very confused sort of way).

We push for our girls and boys to be independent. Standalone. Be strong. Do it alone.

And yet, we frown on them for investing their money in things around us that could improve our ability to standalone, be strong and achieve a lot alone.


Like getting Lite’n Easy. I remember this conversation with my dad, it went something along the lines of:

[Me] I’m just so busy at the moment, working long hours and I have the money – I’m going to get Lite-n-Easy, these pre-prepared meals which will help me be healthy, on-the-go, since I’m eating like crap and have no time to cook for myself.

[Dad] What?! Why would you do that? Don’t waste your money, just do it yourself.


And sure, it would save me spending money with Lite’n Easy, but there’s other costs, right?

Like the takeaways, the services and tools to help me lose weight or fix my energy from a crap diet or the missed meals because nothing’s prepared and everywhere is closed.


  • I knew Lite’n Easy was the right thing to do for me so I’m curious, why did I allow myself to be swayed in that moment and “save myself the money” and DIY it?
  • Because in that moment, I felt dumb, wrong and lazy.
  • A part of me who believed I was all of these things reminded me that I was these things.
  • So I continued on with my struggle of juggling life alone, working long hours and eating whatever I could get my hands on conveniently.


The story I share is NOTHING TO DO WITH MY DAD! I love him and everything he has ever done for me. Everything he does is with a lion’s heart, courageous, protective and fierce (especially about protecting his girls ;p)


So back to me, because that’s what it is really about. In that moment, I had allowed my Dad’s opinion to be far more important, more intelligent, more worthy than mine. I didn’t get the Lite’n Easy – that would be lazy and a waste of money.

I disappointed myself for not ‘standing strong’ and doing what I know in my heart of hearts and in my gut is the right thing for me – not anyone else.


So I smile in a confusing way because I’ve been raised to be independent, do-it-yourself kind of girl and not rely on anyone.

And yet, all of these together fused in to this bizarre idea that I had to struggle alone. If someone said ‘don’t do it’, they had some special wisdom that gave them authority in my eyes to dictate what I did and didn’t do because I was trying to be something I wasn’t. THESE PEOPLE HAD NO IDEA! 



I’ve allowed my wisdom, my knowledge and opinions of myself to be clouded by others beliefs. Why? Because…

  • I’ve been afraid I won’t be liked or accepted
  • I’ve been afraid I will let someone down, especially my dad
  • I’ve been afraid I will get it wrong and look dumb


It all boils down to fear.

BUT as I started reaching out for more connection with those around me, sharing my triumphs and my failures rather than hiding away, alone.

I started to find my courage (which is huge by the way and growing, who knew?), the world becomes more fascinating and fun!

I’ve boldly stepped out and done what I truely love and I now get to help men and women around the world to stand in their power, unleashing their purpose, passion and love in to the world on their terms.

I continue to boldly step, one foot in front of the other, all because I have released my own wisdom and courage.

Courage to do something different.

I am no longer a DIY’er of things I don’t want to create.

I now get to live passionately, purposefully and with love and courage. Thank you to my mentor Mandy Perry for helping me reclaim my power and stand courageously in my own light and opinions. Yes, I still listen. Their hindsights are my foresights. BUT, I now rely on my own gut, wisdom and capability to help me boldly help others!

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