“I’m so tired

“Yeah? Bad sleep?”

“Definitely, I need a coffee”

I was a serious coffee addict, sometimes spending upmost of $12-15 per day to give me energy and help me overcome fatigue.

Did it work?

Ah, at the time I would have said “Sure it does”. I never reflected long enough to notice if it did or didn’t.

Could I function without it?

Hell no!

To this day, I would still be drinking somewhere between 2 to 5 lattes daily if I hadn’t joined a challenge to detox and get clear on what was screwing up my digestion and making me so tired.

So this detox consisted of removing preservatives, additives, processed foods, dairy, gluten and some fruits and veggies which are linked to common allergies or intolerances or sensitivities. Unfortunately, it also excluded coffee (NOOOOO!!!!!).

The detox itself was over-whelming, scary and I had no idea how to make it work. But worst of all, I had NO idea how to cut coffee, I’d been drinking it for years, 2-3 cups a day. I loved coffee, I love coffee, coffee cake and espresso martini’s for the coffee flavour! The best part about my daily coffee dates was the ritual of leaving the office with my friends to clear my head from work and socialise for a bit (it’s probably how smokers feel, am I right?).

So I sat myself down for an hour, planned out my week, planned my food and planned my response to situations where I was going to likely fall off track (my coffee dates, 3pm chocolate fixes at work and Friday night dinners).

With the coffee, I looked through the detox to find what alternatives I could have and picked Green Tea or Almond Decafe Latte. I would still go on my coffee dates but I would choose the next best alternative so I could still stick to my plan.

On the detox it talks about coffee withdrawals, I knew I’d have these bad so leading up to the detox, I started to cut my coffee consumption down to 2 per day, then 1 per day so by the time I started, I’d reduced my caffeine consumption.

It advises you need to drink way more water to manage the coffee withdrawals so I increased my water intake as I decreased my coffee consumption, I was eventually drinking an extra 3-4 cups.

During the detox, several things happened, my gut bloat disappeared, my skin cleared up, I could think clearer and my energy skyrocketed! Even better, the kilo’s I wanted to shake for years, started to melt off but I never felt starving or deprived, I had food choices ready for every event/situation.

I have to admit I did fall off track once on day 3 but I quickly pulled myself back together and reset to continue to power through it. What’s most important I still saw results!

When I started re-introducing different foods like coffee, dairy or gluten step-by-step I learned so much about what my body could and couldn’t process and it was so different to what I expected.

When I tried the coffee again after one week, I broke out into a sweat, my face went red, my tummy bloated and started making all sorts of noises… I didn’t feel well at all and an hour later got so tired I needed a nap!

I literally couldn’t stomach coffee, my body rejected it so I learned from that. My body told me it doesn’t work well with coffee so I listened (finally) and have given my body the break it deserves.

I’m really happy to say I haven’t gained the 5kg back either, I listened to my body and cut out what it couldn’t process so it can concentrate on digest nourishing food and drink effectively!

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