I see two kinds of coaches.


A- Those who learn EVERYTHING about technology, social media, marketing, book-keeping.


B- And those who outsource everything.


When I began, I put myself in category A more often than not, choosing to learn the tools, processes, systems. Signing up for courses on Insta, Marketing, Sales and all sorts.


Becoming the “expert” of everything and nothing.


It slowed my results and I felt stuck, trapped and burdened.


I “couldn’t” delegate because I hadn’t proved I could pay anyone yet.


When I shifted in to a space of abundance and trust that it would work out, I took some risks and embraced my delegation skills from my corporate job and gained the sense of freedom I was craving.


To be surrounded by a team of people, all experts in their craft to support my business in making massive headway.


It started with an Accountant, then a Business Coach, VA, Book-keeper, and now a Social Media Agency.


I will continue to grow my team to support my mission to help 100’s of Woman this year to have and live exactly how they want – location freedom, job freedom and financial stability for their lives and families.


And to support my vision, to have a sustainable business that I can continue to travel with, move country with later this year and have babies 😝


The plans are in motion, I’m on a mission and I’m so freaking excited!


Life is good 🥰


Ciao from Italy!


Chloe xx

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