My husband is the most patient man and is now a diehard fan. 

But it wasn’t always like this.


I have tested the very foundations of our marriage. 

Leaving my job the moment we got married. 

Starting a business.

Spending hard-earned savings on training programs.


We have fought about money. 

Our money stories revealing themselves.

Ugly little monsters (LOL)


I’ve said yes to BIG steps in my journey of self-worth and self-development to grow my business. 

I stretched myself right from the start to have a coach. 

My husband and I worked together to make it possible. 

I stretched myself way too far, out of my comfort zone but also out of my zone of trust.


This made it pretty hard for my husband to trust the process too.

All debt and no return – something I’m completely unavailable for now.


So when I signed up for private coaching, I was certain my husband was going to say no.

I knew I needed it so I didn’t tell him. 

It went against my number one rule in my relationship to be transparent but at the time, I honestly felt like it was a smart decision for me and my business.


For two months, my sales went down…

I was stuck, feeling unworthy and very unsafe. 


It got worse… 

I got a note saying I owed $9500 and had to pay it in 7 days. 


I had money to pay half. 


BUT… the universe truly had my back in my relationship and business. 

I was forced to have a conversation with my husband, it was scary at first but I’d made it way worse then what it was #backinintegrity #hesmyhero


And just 2 days later hit $12k. 


The moral of the story… stay in integrity with yourself, know your worth and have a coach who is determined to help you personally with your beliefs.


A rising tide lifts all boats.


So as my coach works on her money story and beliefs with her coach… she rises and I rise meaning others rise with me. 


The best part about that? In 7 weeks we are starting the trip I’ve dreamed about for over 10 years (flights are booked!), we move to NZ end of this year, we are working out if we can build on our property and start planning for kids. 


Stepping in to your worth sounds like a busy job but outsourcing and imperfection are our best kept secrets (LOL) – #notforthefainthearted


Long story short… where are you out of integrity? And what are your bold moves? I can’t wait to hear! 


Chloe xx


Ps. For a very special lady… is this you?

👉 You are so passionate about changing peoples lives

👉 You are determined to create a full-time income from your business within the context of your life and the lifestyle you want

👉 You know there’s work involved to do this like prioritising, studying, videos, social media, daily actions, brave and bold moves, presentations, MASSIVE self-care and so on. 

👉 You are ready to be raised to a new level of consciousness and deeply supported on this transformational journey

👉 You see a relationship between the inner work and business


If you have the opportunity to work with me, then you will get what I really wish I had when I first started…

—> Empowerment when I stumbled.

—> Guidance on my business decisions but ultimate power to choose MY WAY!

—> The deep inner work, only a coach could do, on my money, message and freedom.

—> A coach just as passionate about my dreams as me


My clients are happy, getting results and keep coming back (hence not many opportunities).

Today there is one ☝️


Now, if it resonates and you are 👆that 👆 kind of woman, this opportunity could be open to you.

But I have two more questions for you first…

🔥👉 Do you want this now? To start now? To take that powerful step towards your future dream WITHOUT frantic, desperate action?

🔥👉 Are you willing to do what it takes? To show up online, to do the inner work and take the bold steps every day?

If yes, then this opportunity is for you and your business. Visit and book your discovery call to see if working together is the next best thing for you.

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