How confusing is the health industry right now??? If I had a dollar for every conflicting piece of advice, I’d be rich (or pretty close to it).

Apparently, we shouldn’t eat gluten, dairy, meat, sugar, carbs, fruits after 12pm, fruits in general, fried food, cooked food, food before bed, soy, fish and the list goes on!

When I read that, all I can think is, what the hell am I allowed to eat? What is actually good for me?

I want you to know there is a simple solution and it doesn’t involve a diet book or a nutritionist or weight watchers.

The number one expert on what foods are right for your unique body type is YOU!

Stick with me on this, it isn’t some gobbeldygook or woo-woo stuff.

Have you ever had your belly bloat or cramps or heartburn or indigestion after dinner?

Have you ever started farting heaps 3-12 hours after a meal (yes I said it) or had a really noisy tummy after eating or drinking something?

Have you ever had booze poos? or got the runs after a meal? or got constipated?

Have you ever had a headache after eating or drinking?

Have you ever broken out on your skin?

If you answered yes to any of those, then you have all the tools you need to be a dietary expert of your own body.


Because our bodies love to efficiently process our food and drink and absorb nutrients but when there is something in your body that it doesn’t like, it’s going to try and get your attention!

This is a good thing and I challenge you to listen to it and start to work out what works for you and what doesn’t so you can start to narrow down to what specific foods, additives, preservatives or even brands (if it’s easier) are hurting your body and impacting it’s ability to digest your food properly and absorb all the nutrients it needs.

This is important because if your body is under stress processing foods/drink it cannot tolerate, then your health goals will be affected. You won’t be able to lose or gain weight (dependent on your goals), increase your energy or clear your skin.

Getting specific on what foods are right for your unique body type is paramount to your success with your health goals!

If you aren’t too sure how to listen to your body, then start with my guide on How to Lose Weight Simply and Easily. It will help you connect with your body during meal times in a simple, easy way so you can tune in to what foods give you energy and aid your body’s digestion. 

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