The BS we tell ourselves that holds us back from being anything better than great.




If you can think it, you can have it and I’m more than ever a believer in this.


But… the BS is coming in from people thinking you just think it and there’s no bold growth required to get it.


At the beginning of last year, I was on a call with a coach (which turned out to be my first ever investment in a business coach).


He took me through an exercise where a vision came from nowhere.


I wanted babies, money to travel, a thriving coaching business making six figures, to follow my dreams to visit Europe and a home in NZ where my husband and I could raise our family away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.


This past 3 months, the light has truly shone down on the wild abundance that is my life.


The trip to Europe with my husband.

Travelling with my biz.

Flights booked to move to NZ.

A baby on the way.


But the light didn’t actually shine down on me and wild abundance wasn’t gifted.


It was there ALL ALONG.


I just couldn’t see through the fog of doubt, fear, anxiety and all the other crap I was surrounded by.


I had to WORK for this.


One year and 3 months of bravery, wiping tears, cleaning up small errors and even BIGGER mistakes and letting go of the rules (my rules, my family’s, society’s and all the expectations on how things should be done).


And there was a lot of BS I told myself along the way.

Could I do this? Would it work? Did I know enough? Was I good enough? What if it didn’t work?


And there was a lot of BS others told me too.

Did I want to put that pressure on myself? You could just get a job like everyone else? What if it doesn’t work? Have you had any money come in yet? Be careful, wouldn’t want to invest all of that and waste it…


And little ol’ me just relentlessly trusting this WILL WORK.


Why? I could consider myself crazy right?


But I knew. My gut knew. My intuition knew.


This was my path so fk the thoughts, the doubt, their fears.


And I kept showing up UNTIL IT WORKED.

So one year and 3 months in, I have nearly my whole vision.


And it’s time to start creating a new one about impact. Watch this space.


We are in for a wild ride!!


Chloe xx


Ps. Keep your eyes peeled, I have a special coming to tie in to the impact I’m making.


A new and 6-figure inspired program for coaches to get the EXACT blueprint I followed to create this life AND have amazing clients AND prosperity from my passion.


Cool eh? Passion to Prosperity is launching very soon and we already have spots filled!


Talk about abundance <3

I’ve had enough with the BS

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