I know what it’s like to be doing so much to get your business going or keep it afloat but all you are really doing is spinning your wheels.


Quite frankly, I was just there.


I got caught up in “doing” mode, 

Lost my footing. 


I was too busy doing the stuff, 

That I didn’t do the very things that keep my head screwed on. 


Amazing how quickly self-care is thrown out as the lowest priority… 

No mindset work, no movement, no gratitude. 

I was “too busy” LOL


And then life threw me a curve ball,

My brain was already weak, stressed, frustrated and tired,  

And I got sick. 


It’s actually an incredibly powerful lesson. 

And one that so many forget. 

When you haven’t filled your cup…

(you know, really put yourself in your ‘A’ game and yes you have control over that), 

… you are so vulnerable, susceptible to the very thing you are afraid will happen. 


I had to take nearly two weeks out of my business – TWO WEEKS! 


Having now lived through two weeks off, I can tell you, it’s survivable LOL

And a very welcome lesson for me. 




When I’m on my A game, my clients are inspired, empowered and thrive! 

Self-care isn’t just a luxury – I think you already know that though don’t you? 


But what if I told you it wasn’t just about relaxing and feeling energetic. 

It was the very reason that your business thrived or didn’t. 

Self-care is a ritual of working through the very barriers which hold the average person back. 

It’s a crucial way to work through money mindset barriers, wavering confidence, resiliency and remaining true to your cause. 


That last one is crucial! REMAIN TRUE TO YOUR CAUSE! 

Money, confidence and hard times make it easy to fall off course.

To start doing what you DON”T LOVE for money, time, comfort zones. 


I believe you can have what you want, 

If you challenge the very way that you do things (THAT HAVEN’T WORKED). 

You have to do things different to get a result! 

And I think you know what different looks like. 


So I want you to step up. 

I want you to rise. 

I want you to claim your space as the leader in your cause. 

I want you to put your money where your mouth is (with whoever resonates with you and has had your success).


Get out of the sh*t and into empowered action! 

You get to write the beginning, middle and end of your story. 

So what’s it going to say??? 


Chloe xx

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