You are in exactly the right place if… you are a wellness influencer, or want to be known for your wellness work in the online space to run your business or market your local business and you…

  • don’t know where your first or next client is coming from.
  • are feeling over-whelmed by social media and trying to find your clients.
  • are frustrated with trying to build an online presence and getting zero engagement!

I see you. I’ve been there. It’s overwhelming and exhausting.

The worst part, there aren’t any long-term strategies in place so you can’t take your foot off the gas pedal otherwise everything will literally stop and you’ll have to start it all again.

I remember this feeling, I would feel guilty for getting sick! If I had time off, I wanted to be learning so I could get ahead and stay ahead. It felt so chaotic.

One day, after a heated conversation with my hubby I realised I was missing the very point of WHY I created this business. It was for a lifestyle in which I could enjoy my husband, future family and life more. HOW DID I MISS THE VERY POINT?! I didn’t want a business where I poured 99% of my free time in to it and neglected everything else.

It was the wake up call I needed! And now, I’m super passionate about my mindset work and boundaries to create exactly what I want now. Slowing down really sped up my results in so many ways.

And my dream to help others (to help others), travel and have more time for me has become a reality. In fact, I was just admiring the other day how lucky I am to have taken 7 weeks off in the past 4 months to travel with friends and family and still be making money to pay the bills.

So is this your time? Are you ready to:

  • Have confidence in where your next client is coming from
  • Know how to craft an offer that sparks excitement in your clients and you because you’ve designed it for results
  • Have clarity in how to run conversations which result in more YES’S
  • Develop the mindset of a successful, business-savvy wellness influencer
  • Have the structures in place to simplify and streamline the process so nothing is too complicated or gets lost!
  • And so much more!

What’s it going to feel like for you when you can wake up each morning, have time for your movement and mindset rituals and then begin your client work in the best state?

And how confident will you feel knowing you have a system in place to attract clients in?

And even more so, how balanced will you feel knowing exactly what to focus on to make the most use of your time and move the dial forward in your business?

Welcome to Become a Stand Out Wellness Influencer! Where you learn the formulas and systems to fill your books, consistently get clients and develop your business.

Join us if you want to be attracting soulmate clients, know how to ramp up your discovery calls when you need them, creating a thriving community and so much more!

Monthly subscription: $147 AUD

Quarterly subscription: $430 AUD, save $107 each quarter

Annual subscription: $1497, save $650

I’ve designed this membership so you can have access to strategy and content my clients pay $1000’s for. It is designed to have you master one strategy per month so you can:

  • Make a difference and leave a legacy
  • Master your business-savvy skills
  • Make some money doing what you truly love

Not only will you learn how to increase your discovery calls per month, master your money conversations and grow your confidence in coaching but you’ll also learn how to structure yourself to build your business around the context of your life with work and family! Not the other way around.

Become a Stand Out Wellness Influencer is about arming new and passionate health and wellness coaches with the very tools and skills to run a standout wellness practice without the overwhelm.

I remember going through my health coaching certification, being taught a thing or two about presentations, hot hooks and discovery calls.

I completed my certification and felt… well, lost. What I learned about business just wasn’t enough. To really get me started, I was thinking:

  • Where do I start?
  • What’s my niche?
  • How do I find clients?
  • How much do I charge?
  • What do I offer?
  • I hope this idea works
  • And so on…

Not too mention, all the new mindset hurdles and blocks I didn’t know I had with:

  • Money! Asking for it, receiving it, spending it for the biz.
  • Sales! Feeling absolutely gutted to get No or objections (like I’d done a bad job)
  • Feeling like anyone who said ‘No’ was a time-waster
  • Feeling like an imposter
  • Unsure if the coaching thing was going to work
  • Feeling like I should study more to finally be worthy of getting paid
  • Wasting time on free webinars

I was determined to make my business work so I signed up for various courses to learn more about social media, sales, community, marketing but they didn’t understand my services to give me specific and practical steps for my business.

When I launched my business (finally) LOL – I went through a lot of trial and error eventuating in my very own, proven systems and formulas to run a thriving health coaching practice! I felt frazzled trying to work on everything at once.

So in this membership, you’ll get new new and curated content released each month designed to help you get further faster without the crazy over-whelm that building a business can bring. We focus on ONE, BIG NEEDLE MOVER – that’s how we efficiently grow.

So here’s some of what will be covered:

  • The secrets behind messaging which inspires your clients to take action and helps them see between their objections before they get on the phone.
  • Strategies to have a steady stream of discovery calls booked (when you need them)
  • Mastering money conversations for more HECK YES clients!
  • Craft a strategy to work within the context of your current lifestyle AND what you want to create (the very reason for your business)
  • Growing a thriving community around a movement you truly care about that has you standing out from the rest.
  • Having a money game-plan, literally, how to plan what you do with
  • Along with simple tech trainings, mindset work and new strategies as I learn, test and prove them myself. The best bit, you’ll only get what works!

What I love about this program is how affordable it is for what you get!

I really wanted to create a program that would:

  • Meet new wellness influencers where they are at in starting their business.
  • Simplify so many processes to reduce overwhelm.
  • And have wellness influencers confident that the process is going to work for them to get clients and have a successful wellness business.

Join us if you want to be attracting soulmate clients, know how to ramp up your discovery calls when you need them, creating a thriving community and so much more!

Monthly subscription: $147 AUD

Quarterly subscription: $430 AUD, save $107 each quarter

Annual subscription: $1497, save $650

Want to know if this is helpful for you? Here's a few questions to consider...

  • How many discovery calls have you had in the past month? If it's less then 5 and feels unreliable, get your butt in this membership.
  • How many discovery calls are resulting in a YES each month? If it's less than 50%, you'll love what we cover here, no sales-y or push-y tactics!
  • Are you confident about the transformation you provide for your clients? Are you clear who your clients are?
  • Do you know what your next offer is to continue the relationship and development of your client?
  • Do you know what to focus on to maximise your potential, time and business success? All while keeping overwhelm at bay by knowing what's coming next? Yeah, this is absolute gold.
  • Are you getting the picture now? We are covering it all!

This membership is EPIC! It includes:

  • A "move the dial forward" strategy released monthly and based on what's tested and proven to work by me. Strategies including increasing discovery call bookings, effective sales processes, social media strategies to increase reach and the list goes on!
  • Weekly Live to ask any questions you have on implementing your strategies and any other business challenges you have.
  • Dedicated support from Chloe in the private Facebook Group
  • BONUS: 15-minute Induction & Planning Session with me

If you are ready to thrive in your business and know how to create consistent results in your business now without the crazy overwhelm... 

Then I invite you to a safe space in which you grow with your tribe, are given clarity weekly and direction monthly on what to focus on to move the dial forward in your business.

  • Learn how to generate consistent discovery calls
    Implement proven growth strategies in to your business
    And feel confident with what to focus on in your business

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this will work?

  • Here is what is important to understand, I have tried and tested every framework and strategy that I'm teaching. If I don't use it (or haven't successfully got it working yet), I don't teach it.
  • However, you and I must make a deal. Can you agree that this takes work and patience to refine and master each strategy? Results don't come from just learning, you need to be implementing them!

What if I don't like it?

  • If you don't love it, you can leave at any time. Seriously! Your success is my success and if it isn't working for you, Chloe won't lock you in to a contract. Want to know why I can afford to do this? Because my results speak, those that stick it out, book out their clients and gain an immense amount of value.

I'm not sure about being in a group, I want more 1-1 support/accountability but can't afford it.

  • I hear you! This is EXACTLY why I created Become a Stand Out Wellness Influencer so more people could afford to get the education they need to have successful businesses.
  • I understand that being in a group can be over-whelming, seeing others doing well or asking questions that aren't aligned with the stage you are in. I like to see this as an opportunity to see inside the minds of people that are ahead and understand how they think (and to encourage those that aren't yet at your level and appreciate how far you've come).
  • And the best part?! I'm in the group regularly to answer your questions, provide feedback and you'll see me pop in live if there's a question that everyone will benefit from hearing the answer.

I'm not running my business online, will these strategies work for me?

  • Of course! The frameworks I teach can be applied whether you are a solely online or local business.

I'm already part of Chloe's tribe, in either Abundant or On The Rise Mentorship, can I get access?

  • My Abundant program has been specifically designed as an intensive program to launch and grow your business quickly, there won't be time for incorporating the membership. Therefore, members of Abundant won't get access to the membership as it will detract from the core, intensive focus of the group.
  • On The Rise Private Clients will have access and trainings will be recommended based on your current focus/situation.

Join us if you want to be attracting soulmate clients, know how to ramp up your discovery calls when you need them, creating a thriving community and so much more!

Monthly subscription: $147 AUD

Quarterly subscription: $430 AUD, save $107 each quarter

Annual subscription: $1497, save $650