If you hate it, delegate it. 


I’m a coach… not a bookkeeper, event planner, assistant.

I need to be high-vibe to make the most from my business. 

And I’m on a mission to create the lifestyle of my dreams. 

With freedom, travel, kids and SPACE (like lots of space in time, money and experiences so I can treasure life not run past it). 


I made a decision early on to delegate. 

If it made me want to rip my hair out, then I gave it to someone else. 


Holding me accountable (Coach)

Strategy and support (Coach)

Like posting on social media (VA)

Building funnels (VA)

Bookkeeping (Bookkeeper)

Taxes (Accountant)


Did I have the money to invest in them? 

No… would I call that a dumb idea? 

YES back when I’d never invested in myself and believed it was reckless. 

Back when I thought $100 was a big deal to spend on myself.


But… here’s what I know to be true now. 

It’s reckless to not invest – don’t you want to see your certification mean something? 


I seriously would have never earned what I earn now or got to the life I’m living now by sitting on my butt doing everything and mastering nothing. 

And if I’m not creating space in my life by outsourcing, I’ll spend days figuring out crap I don’t need to know. 

It has paid off for me freeing up my time to speak with more people, planning my next group, study and become way more effective at building my business. 


You spend the money, you’ll create a need to fill and FILL IT. 

The universe will take care of you – like it has done the bravest coaches out there investing in themselves. 


Choose easy, it’s bold and rewarding. 


And let me know below, what are you outsourcing this week???

My biggest lesson this week

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