Finally Fit For Good Planning Session

I believe everyone is able to achieve their dreams but… they don’t because they feel stuck or helpless not knowing where to start. I aim to elevate the energy of people to dream big and achieve big! Connecting them with the community around them.

I help busy women who have always struggled to break-through their health barriers such as weight, energy and digestion to transform their mind and body easily so they can break-free from restrictive diets and punishing gym routines, live their life guilt-free, without restriction and focus on what matters most to them!

Together, we uncover what has prevented her from achieving her desired outcomes so she can simply and sustainably achieve her goals and tap into more energy than ever before to start living life better than ever!

Why is it important for me to help? 

Because I’ve been in a position where the doctors didn’t have answers but I felt sick, tired, bloated and so heavy and uncomfortable. I had always had digestion issues but 2016 was the worst. 

The doctors couldn’t figure it out, it wasn’t an obvious illness or disease that could be diagnosed. At such a loss, I was diagnosed  with depression. This was the wake-up call I needed to FINALLY take matters in to my own hands, start listening to my body and set out to learn everything I could to improve my health.

I discovered the right foods for my body, tapped into energy levels I didn’t even know existed, movement became fun and as an added bonus, the extra weight started dropping off without me thinking about it! I wasn’t depressed, my body was under stress from foods that it couldn’t process properly.

In May 2017, I set out to start helping busy women, like myself, listen to their bodies and apply the same, simple and fun strategies to break-through their energy and weight loss barriers within the context of their busy lifestyles with work, family, friends and holidays!

I love working with my clients, seeing them reach their goals and break through major obstacles to reset and create a new baseline of healthy for them. Such a rewarding job!