Finally Fit For Good Planning Session

I’m really proud of where I am now compared to where I have been. 

I am super passionate about helping people see what’s possible, always have been, too many people feel stuck and power-less.

This makes it impossible for them to make change possible – I’m unavailable for that! I want everyone to know what is possible and take simple steps towards creating it and having it. 

Being around me, you’ll quickly learn, I’m known for my ‘get shit done’ approach, giving A LOT of value in my community and my loving honesty to show you the beliefs/barriers that are in your way. 

I’ve run two businesses, successfully and both aligned with my Psychology degree, leadership training and coaching certifications. The one I am in now, the Health Coaches Coach & Business Mentor and my health coaching business. 

My health coaching business launched and grew fast. To give you an idea, $4k in my first month with a very proud $9k month in the first 6 months.

While successful early on, after my miscarriage, supporting people with their bodies, no longer felt right. So I made the transition to teach health coaches the formula’s I followed to have my success so early on without any sales/marketing experience or network. 

I’ve helped people specialising in energy to weight loss, eating disorders to anxiety/depression, nutritionists, MLM and small business coaches. My formula’s work specifically for heart-centred people looking to impact people’s lives, online and offline, while creating a lifestyle business that provides freedom for more time for family, travel and balance.

Prior to October 2017 – I lead and managed teams in operations, background screening and software development and implementation projects for the past 9 years. 


My view on health coaching…

Health Coaching personally helped me resolve 10 year old energy and digestion issues, lose 15kg of stuck weight and put power back in my hands to take control of my life, relationships and purpose.

Health Coaching is so incredibly powerful, supporting people to change habits to thrive, not just survive. And yet, it’s such a new industry which comes with it’s challenges, being new, unknown and under-appreciated!

The good news, things are changing! I’ve seen medical practices hiring health coaches in remote towns of progressive NZ, just watch what happens over the next 5-10 years across the world! And in the meantime, I’ve met many health coaches, running successful businesses, changing lives and making a decent income.