Finally Fit For Good Planning Session


This is one of the most unusual and exciting pieces to write.

About me!

Let me summarise to save you time! The long version is below x

  • I’ve been in a South African jail – that’s a good story!
  • I’ve battled with energy and digestion my entire life, a health coach helped me regain control!
  • I’ve lost 15kg in the past year without a diet – the photos are incredible!
  • I’m a Kiwi living in Australia and married to an Aussie from England (LOL)
  • In my first month in health coaching, I made $4k and now I help men and woman do the same!!
  • I know what it’s like to struggle in getting your business started, with plenty of personal things getting in the way – pregnancy/miscarriage etc.
  • I help men and woman to own their longings and do something about them. That deep sense of longing – it might feel like unfulfilment, yeah, it’ll make you sick if you don’t listen!
  • I’m passionate and relentless, I’m calm and direct, I’ve got your back.


Ready for the long story?


So it starts with me in high school, falling asleep in class. Not because I didn’t care because trust me, I did! I used to be a bookworm but after puberty, my body slowed right down.

I started gaining weight, had digestive issues, felt so heavy and tired all the time. I couldn’t be bothered doing anything.

Skip forward 10 years, nothing changed. I was tired still but if I ran on adrenaline with high pressured jobs, I could push through anything. I was the “busy” girl, no time for anyone, especially myself. I always had this deep sense that something was missing, I felt unfulfilled and like I needed to be using my potential/doing more with my life.

Skip forward a little more (not much), I was on my way to South Africa with my husband. We landed in Johannesberg, his Aussie passport got stamped, my Kiwi one got declined. Shit!

I was locked in a cell by myself (hubby stuck in the airport – on the civilised side). I was given a dirty wool blanket and the thinnest pillow ever. There were so many ways it was unsafe and I’m so thankful to come out injury free.

I’m also thankful for that time, it sparked the flame I needed called courage. Courage to explore what fulfilment meant for me and to find my calling.

Skip forward a little more and I joined Health Coach Institute (HCI for short).

Side note…. If this story resonates with you and you want to become a health coach or find out more, let me know – I have connections to get you a discount!

Anyways, back to the point. I partnered up with a lovely Health Coach who coached me through my weight and numbing habits like binge eating, buying fast food and all sorts of great methods to open my eyes to health.

My weight loss journey began! 15kg, double the energy and one year later – I’m stoked! It’s been easy, so simple and eye-opening to say the least. I never have to count calories, control what foods I eat or judge myself for getting it wrong. #human IT FEELS SO FREEING

Jump forward a little more – I graduated November 2017. I was taking paying clients by then when I could find them.

Jump forward to February – I got married to the love of my life, he’s my rock.

And then I left my full-time, permanent, well-paying corporate job to kick-off my life as a full-blown, brave and badass health coach! WOO HOO!!!!

I was determined to replace my income, in the first month, I made $4k – that’s super rare across coaches. And despite finding out I was pregnant at the end of this month (whoopsy) and then at 11 weeks losing it (no one can prepare you for that) – my business gave me purpose to keep showing up and supporting my clients through life’s curve balls.

Here’s where lots of coaches get lost but stick with me, this is good:

  • Yeah but she probably had a good network
  • She probably knew sales from her corporate background
  • She probably didn’t have to pay bills or whatever.

I had no network, sales experience, marketing experience, any evidence I could have ever made it work, I didn’t know abundance/manifestation, I didn’t even know if I could afford my mentor…

Here’s what I did know, I trust myself.

Even when others don’t, I know I will do what it takes, call in the support it takes to learn and make it.

I’ve got myself out of corners before, I could get myself out of anything. It’s not a question of IF, it’s just a simple question for me of WHY I’m doing it and HOW I’ll get there (or who I need to give me support to get there).

I tell you all of this because we are the same and my success is just evidence that your $5k month, 5kg loss is right there – right around the corner and all you need to do is lean in to the tension, do something different, be open and brave, say YES/hit the button and figure it out.

Life is rigged for the brave action-takers.

I can’t wait to see how your journey pans out.

Much love,

Chloe x