I do wake up some mornings thinking… holy crap.

Can I afford this? Do it this way? Make this work? Who am I to do this?

Or it takes one trigger, something someone says or I read for example. 


Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a relatively “normal” thing this past 2 years. 

And my ego is finding it “easier” as I get more practiced

It’s how I’ve created a business that supports me with everything I want to do for family, travel and freedom. 


It’s required some intense shifting of self-doubts and fears. 

And more recently something new


I’ve just chosen to uplevel again 

  • 6X’d my investment with a business & mindset coach 
  • Booked a retreat in LA in September with a bunch of 6 & 7-figure female entrepreneurs
  • Am travelling around Europe with my husband till the end of June while running my business
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