with Chloe McCreedy

Are you ready to stop chasing your tail and start running a thriving health coaching business?

Are you done trying to find clients who then get on the phone and have no money?

And it feels like you’ve tried everything you’ve been taught to do and getting clients to say YES is hard, inconsistent and unreliable to say the least.

You know success is there for you, just like it is with other health coaches, but the time you are spending, doesn’t equal more clients or more money.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, you are ready to start experiencing your business as the opportunity you originally saw it to be as contributing to your lifestyle and not taking away from it.

This is what Chloe’s private mentoring program is all about, claiming more time, clients and yes, financial recognition. Yes, those can all increase at the same time.

On The Rise Mentorship

I hear you. I have been right there too.

In fact, before I left my permanent, well-paying corporate job, I wanted proof that I could make it. Replace my entire income before leaving.

So I waited, nearly 6 months and had one client at $150…

So I ended up paying for more training, I spent $48k on training and education programs.

I learned a lot but it didn’t translate in to results in my business. I

I had over 100 discovery sessions, fitting them in around work. That’s great right? But I wasn’t converting many at all.

Fast forward, a year on and it looks alot different now.

I still get the numbers of discovery calls I want but I have a far higher conversion rate.

It became clear after hustling and struggling, that I needed to simplify and become intentional.

There were a few strategies that worked really, really well for me. Rather than doing a bunch of things I’d been recommended to do in various training programs/institutes who didn’t understand me or what I wanted from my business AT ALL!

I realised quickly that doing lots of stuff and hoping something would result in a client (and then having no idea what I’d done to get said client) wasn’t getting me very far.

And this realisation had me, make $4k in my first full-time month of business, have a $9k month in my first 6 months and…

  • I know exactly how to increase/decrease my discovery calls
  • Increase the number of YES’S I get on average (it was 10% and is now 75%)
  • Making a difference right across the world.

I also have more time now then I did when I first started because I’ve intentionally built a business that supports me in my dreams to travel, prepare for a family in the future and making an impact that fills my soul.

Are you ready to receive the accountability and direction you need to thrive and flourish in a business fully designed by you?

I’ve designed this program specifically for men and woman who are passionate and serious about making an impact in people’s health and wellness while making an income. People who desire to be:

  • a brand that stands for something, is ready to create a movement and lead people to great results.
  • a business-savvy coach with a thriving online presence and solid business systems and processes to THRIVE.
  • an abundant leader who is permission for others to have what they truly want – travel, love, health, security, purpose while creating your own meaningful life.

In this program, I meet you where you are at, this means the program is specifically customised to you. I’m giving you everything you need (and nothing that you don’t) so you can build out your business and lifestyle exactly how you desire it.

My past and current clients have:

  • Sold our their 1:1 coaching program
  • Got their first paying clients
  • Gotten incredible clarity on their ideal client, core messaging, and prices and packages in the first few sessions
  • Learned how to increase and decrease the number of discovery calls they get
  • Created thriving, money-making communities online

The On The Rise Mentorship Program is customised to you and where you are at across the following 5 areas, so you can create the impact, clients and wealth you desire.


ONE. Business-savvy Foundations

The mindset and planning for any business-savvy powerhouse is crucial to crafting a business on your terms.

This is about falling in love with money, learning to receive and respect it.

And learning to step in to the highest version of you that receives $5k, even $10k months.

Here’s what we will do!

  • Develop a success plan which focuses on proven strategies to launch, grow and thrive from Day 1.
  • Upgrade your belief system around money, sales, your capability.
  • Remove money blocks to welcome abundance and wealth.
  • Rewire old thinking to be available to receive new clients with ease and fun.

TWO. Develop Your Brand. Speak Your Message!

Get to know yourself, what you stand for and what sets you apart from the rest.

Establish the foundations to have your business fly!

  • Discover your uniqueness and what attracts your soulmate clients
  • Finding your WHY and creating a movement behind it inspires your clients.
  • Craft a signature system you are confident creates the transformation you want to provide
  • Create programs and pricing that spotlights the value and your worth
  • Learn how to speak your clients language so they know they are heard and understood

THREE: Rock Your Money Conversations

An authentic sales process will have you and your potential client enjoying the conversation because you are already a good fit and receiving more YES!

No sales tactics or pushiness required.

These conversations are transformational and inspirational.

  • Learn how to structure your discovery calls to expertly and confidently guide the conversation
  • Craft questions that have your clients confident they want to work with you
  • Masterfully handle objections like “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have time”, “I need to check with my husband/wife”
  • Turn your potential client’s fears and hesitations into reasons to work with you!


To have consistent $5k months, expanding your network with soulmate clients is a game-changer!

  • Build your soulmate client tribe with free, organic and authentic methods
  • Create raving fans amongst your audience
  • Strategies to maximise your free network building capability


This is all about numbers! Creating and growing your mailing list, automation and increasing your reach outside of your local area with lead magnets.

  • Crafting a WOW lead magnet to grow your email list.
  • Implement an email campaign strategy.
  • Implement simple tech to create some efficiency in your business.
  • Understand what to look for to outsource some aspects of your business.
  • Sell one-to-many!

Your Private Mentorship with Chloe includes:

  • 18 x private, weekly laser coaching and education sessions
  • Workbooks/Handouts
  • Messenger Support between sessions
  • BONUS 1: Access to the Stand Out membership, value of $2450
  • BONUS 2: 90-minute Get The Message Discovery Session, value of $497

You’ll be taught the coaching to package, price, and sell your offer so you can create the opportunity to make your investment back and more.

Is this the support you need?

On The Rise is designed to meet you where you are today.

So if you are booking 0-5 discovery calls per month or getting YES less than 50% of the time or the people you are signing up are not your ideal clients, this is going to be a game-changer for you.

Rise up!

Chloe x

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