Letting go in business feels like a really good night out with the girls <3


So I’ve been embracing that feeling this week…

Despite putting a new coaching relationship of 5-figures on my credit card…

AND needing to pay it off by the 10th March. 

***apologies for those triggered, reach out if you want to be this badass :p ***


I could be spinning out, running around like a headless chicken. 


Or I could mature through this and embrace it as the FK-ing awesome challenge it is. 

I already know I’ve got this. 

Which is why I get to continue to give you guys EPIC VALUE and help you kick-ass in your business (even if you are just getting started). 


So here’s the link to the replay from last night – it was GOLD! Once you’ve watched, let me know what your biggest insights were! 


Chloe xx


Ps. You may have missed the fast-action bonus but don’t worry! I still have something for you – if you would like to join us Saturday morning as a group on Zoom to dive in to some of your questions, then join us here!! 

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