I’m going to go out on a limb and say… you’re a heart-centred goddess who:

Knows she’s meant for more – the calling is strong to serve and help others!

Is already playing in her passion project – coaching/healing/transformational work – even if she hasn’t made $$$ yet.

Is determined to make an income from her passion project!

Is ready to do what it takes to it work <3

Knows the deepest level of support and accountability will get her through what is the most common time to fail in business. But we both know that’s not an option for you, is it sister???

So many people get stuck right at this point, the transition from a day job to full-time business.

And many more get lost in that first year of business when there’s more trials than you’ve ever dealt with. 

The fear of doing something different with no “security” or “stability” and putting yourself in to a place of change, fear and growth. It’s damn scary, right?

I’m with you, this is why I do what I do. I want to make sure you are one of the ones who make it. You get to be someone who makes it!

And if you are that heart-centred goddess I think you are, you:

Want to truly live in to your sense of purpose every day

Want to feel passionate on a daily basis.

And you see others doing this, getting out there, living their purpose and having a message/business they are so excited about and you want this! 

It seriously cannot get any better than this!

Our Heart-Centered Goddesses are powerhouses, they’ve proved that in their day job already to the point it’s easy, there’s no challenge AND they no longer feel fulfilled by working in a day job anymore.

That’s how their side-hustle came about. Is it the same for you?

YES? EPIC! AND WELCOME SISTER! You are in the top 1% that will do what it takes to make it!

And I’m so damn excited to support woman like you in such a big way!


In a short 12-weeks, my Heart-Centred Goddesses have their strategy planned out and kicking ass to create a career they are really proud of –

Passionately moving towards their dreams of freedom and passion

Being their own boss

Choosing how they spend their days

Loving on more and more clients

Making $$$

And passionately helping their clients to transform their lives. <3

So my Heart-Centred Goddess, you are in the right place if –

You are playing in the space of heart-centred, service-based work like coaching, healing, transformational work

You are determined to do what it takes to create a career and make $$$ in it.

You are ready to step in to your power where your passion project is your sole and only focus.

You are so damn ready to grow, learn and be taught.

You are ready to receive massive amounts of support to step in to this new space.

FYI – You don’t have to have all the answers yet, we can work together on this.

The reality is you know there are some big hurdles to overcome and you’re smart enough to know enlisting support and accountability is what will pull you through.

And… you are ready to grow your confidence through the roof! To get out there and create a name for yourself! 

When I started my health coaching business, it was a side-hustle that I hoped desperately would be an overnight success. I was getting a couple of hundred dollars here and there a month, I was so discouraged. I wondered if I could actually turn it in to a career, if it was even possible for me to be:

Free from my day job

Be my own boss

Freedom in my schedule

Healing and transforming many lives

Financially in control


I knew what I wanted to create. I just had no idea how to get there.
Pursue my Passion Full-Time. Make a Full-Time Income. Live Freely. Be My Own Boss.


I had a decision to make, could I back myself to launch my business full-time and make it work. I decided YES and within 6 months of starting my side-hustle, I took the leap and left my permanent, well-paying corporate job in the chase for my dream life filled with passion, purpose and freedom.


I went from making a couple of hundred dollars a month to $4k + months (that’s 20-40X my side-hustle monthly income in the first month of starting!) by:

Focusing on money-making actions to reach my goal (no other distracting, time-wasting sh#t).

Surrounding myself with other powerhouses who have had the success I want.

Being myself and courageously putting myself out there.

Trusting the process and myself to pull it through.


I am here today to help you have the same success and more!


I’m going to lead you on a roadmap to freedom if you are ready to show up and do the work!


Together, we will create your plan to create a business you love!


I’ll teach you the power moves needed to up-level your side-hustle and the critical points in which decisions and conversations are made to support your transition.

Every day we will be rewriting your habits and upgrading your beliefs so you can become a courageous businesswoman in your own true, heart-centered way!


You are not alone on this journey. We will do this together and you will rise with confidence, empowered to create your dream career and back yourself all the way.


I’ve compiled $30k+ in sales-marketing-psych-coaching education with my 7 years of management and coaching in to a kick-ass combination for up-levelling your side-hustle as a career and thriving!

This is everything that got me from a couple of hundred dollar months to $4k in the first month of launching my business as a career and onwards from there. That’s a 20X increase from my side-hustle income!

Ready to know how we will get you there?

Full-blown, unlimited support through our private Facebook group

Weekly mind-blowing, mindset upgrade and rewiring live trainings

Step-by-step blueprint and live trainings to up-level your side-hustle!

Workbooks for getting shit done, staying the course and up-levelling your mindset to match your side-hustle growth.

And breaking it down a little further…


Our mind-blowing, mindset upgrades and rewiring trainings include:

Stop Screwing Around and Get Yourself Out There

Turning Confusion in to Incredible Clarity

Bust through Procrastination and make EPIC Power Moves


Staying in the Tension and Falling in Love with it <3

Managing your Relationship Boundaries

Unworthy to Worthy – stepping in to the power of who you are

And whatever other mindset support unique to you and the group that you need!


And… the fundamentals! Step-by-step blueprint and live trainings to up-level your side-hustle!

Courageous, passionate and encouraging marketing to nail your talks/facebook lives/blogs/posts and so on.

Creating Powerful, High-End, Result-Based Offers (sorting out that niche if it’s still not defined yet!)

Making the Invitations in to your High-End Programs with Heart, Confidence and Worthiness

Creating a Program from Scratch (unique, inspired and powerful)

Creating the next level program for your clients (the next program you invite them to)

Managing time through the up-level and any other demands on time in your life

How to enlist full-blown support from your loved ones (managing their fears and feedback)

Handling the money conversation with clients and loved ones

Crafting your Money-Making Niche with Certainty (only if you are still on the fence with this!)

And… the technology stuff you actually need without wasting money and time on the shit you don’t need (e.g. receiving payments, calendar scheduling etc.)


This is game-changer for any goddess who knows she’s meant for more and for her side-hustle to be her career! Even if your side-hustle is your only hustle and your ready to up-level and make the career income so you don’t have to go back to a day job.