I’ve finally matured through the fear that it won’t work out. 

It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of pressure and TBH overwhelm. 


Now this is no longer a fear for me or my clients. 

We can do this. 

This gets to be easier now. 


I understand I needed that intense season.

I was outgrowing chaotic struggle.

And the fear that it wouldn’t work out. 


I wished for it to be the right time. 

And I understand that now. 

It could never be the right time. 


How would I know I could sustain a business if it was the “right-time”? 


I wouldn’t and I probably couldn’t have if I had waited for the right time. 

That’s like waiting to jump on the surfboard until you KNOW you will do it perfect. LOL


I sustained it through some of my saddest and struggling personal moments

Because I didn’t wait, I took brave, imperfect action – over and over again.

Commitment is everything! 


When you’ve matured through the season of fear it’ll work. 

Your focus will change, you’ll start looking forward. 

You’ll start wanting to implement strategies that will sustain your business. 


And here’s how that works – 

  1. Get clear on what it is you really want – Freedom? Travel? Space? Passive Income?
  2. Understand exactly what you need to get there – support, accountability, training, experience
  3. Surround yourself with people who have the experience to give this to you


Your soul will guide you when you are asking the RIGHT questions. 

This needs to be revisited so your soul has a chance to speak up before you’ve lost months, money or time doing something that is no longer serving your soul. 


So do the work – get curious, trust what comes up and FOLLOW it. 


Love you lots, 


Chloe xx

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