Does it feel like everyone’s lives are moving forward and yours isn’t?

That’s what my rut felt like.

Everyone was all smiles and adventures on social media, out travelling the world, having exciting adventures and I was at home, doing the same thing over and over again.

It sounds so cliche but it wasn’t until I felt my safety was in jeopardy in a detainment cell in South Africa with a Sudanese man demanding money from me that I finally clicked out of that fog.

I had got complacent and allowed life to drag me along. I wasn’t making decisions, I was going with the “flow” but the flow wasn’t taking me where I wanted to go. So things like being offered a well-paying job and just saying yes because it must have been meant to be. Or delaying lengthy travel because that would be reckless to be care-free and job-less.

Until South Africa… on our way for a holiday only to be detained for 18 hours in a cell and deported while my other half had to go through customs and wait in the airport.

That was a massive wake up call, a horrible one, but there was an important message I needed to learn.

I had been ignoring my soul’s desires. 

Everything I wanted was on-hold, especially if it involved being brave.

  • Doing something with my Psych degree
  • Starting a business
  • Travelling and experiencing new cultures regularly

It makes me curious how? Like what part of me decided disconnecting from life was the way to go?

South Africa opened my eyes and gave me the courage to take that leap of faith.

So I leaped and never looked back.

I did it! Me! The one who needed approval on everything finally sat in the drivers seat of her life to pick herself up and start creating a life that she wants, dreams of and loves.

I’m rising and I’m taking my clients with me.

We grow. We learn. We laugh. We cry. We experience life. EVERY. SINGLE. PART. We aren’t hiding anymore. We aren’t seeking approval anymore. We don’t give a shit about the insignificant anymore, we are unavailable for that crap. We are bold and badass!

And it’s because we know what we want and we go and get it. One foot in front of the other, moving further away from the rut we were in, getting clearer on who we are and where we are going and becoming the lady who gets results. Affording our dreams, creating a body we love and a life we adore. No matter what, we step forward.

But we are no different to you or anyone else.

The only difference is our approach. We’ve found our tribe that steps the steps with us, together kicking ass and loving life!

So you see, you get to have this too. Start surrounding yourself with the person you are becoming. Take risks and watch yourself grow!

You deserve it.

Chloe x

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