Passion to Prosperity: My exact blueprint from zero network to fully booked without the crazy overwhelm

Coaches! I have created something with you in mind if…

…you are just getting started or unsatisfied with your earnings in coaching, this is for you!


This 12 week program is my exact blueprint for going from zero network to fully booked out with 1-1 clients and making 6-figures in my first year in coaching.

And purposefully designed for the fun, driven and super passionate coach who wants the roadmap I used to prosperity without the crazy complication, overwhelm or trying to be in 1000 places at once.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, the business stuff gets to be easy when combined with a rock solid mindset practice and aligning lifestyle and business so it flows and works together.

So in Passion to Prosperity, in the first two weeks… we focus on getting super clear on your vision, establishing a rock solid mindset practice around showing up and making money!

AS WELL AS surrounding yourself with like-minded coaches & consultants creating their dream businesses too for epic drive, accountability and awesome connections!

AND we will have amazing guest speakers who are leaders in their fields sharing their strategies too!

And that’s just prep weeks – YUSS!

Following that, we dive into 12 weeks of breaking down the very key aspects of a successful coaching business and with trainings and handouts teaching the tactics to:

1. Nail your message (and your niche if it isn’t clear yet) so you can stand out from a sea of coaches/consultants, attract the right clients, high-paying who are ready to work with you and speak with more potential clients.

2. Master your sales process so you can love the money conversations and also, hear more YESes! This process literally doubled my YESes so less discovery calls but more consistency.

3. Get more visible with your ideal clients in the online or local communities using my proven organic visibility system so you can surround yourself with ideal clients who are interested in working with you and receive rewarding pay days from your business without paying for ads.

4. And as a bonus, for the first 10 coaches, a personalised strategy call with me to map out your blueprint and leverage what you’ve got already (valued at $450), 10 ways to book more discovery calls and of course, our guest experts for visibility, branding and a few more I can’t share yet! 🤫

I’m so excited for it!! My best work yet!! 🤗

We have 6 coaches in already which is super exciting, there’s something so awesome about doing it together. And some are already booking clients!

If you feel you’d be a good fit – leave an emoji below or PM me, let’s get the ball rolling towards prosperity!

There’s an awareness they don’t teach enough in coaching schools…

How to identify clients you don’t want to work with and how to NOT step in to the arena with codependency and take responsibility.


I learned my lesson just once and very early and have NEVER crossed the line since.


Hence why I don’t work with everyone who wants to work with me, #sorrynotsorry


I’ve got strict criteria – not everyone’s ready for the level I work at.


The reality is, as coaches, we are looking to empower people to TRANSFORM, GROW, LIVE EMPOWERED!


Not provide life rafts to keep them from drowning. That’s helicopter “coaching”… doing it to save others who don’t need saving.


Done when we are afraid our clients won’t get results and it’ll reflect on us.


This is when we disempower and start doing things for our clients, sending reminders or making meal plans or even meeting them for workouts instead of empowering them to do it independently themselves.


Over-giving, fixing, doing – who’s been here? :woman_raising_hand: I’m absolutely speaking from past experience.


So when the results aren’t happening for your clients, what do you do?


A- Beat yourself up about being a crappy coach and just keep pushing and hoping your client will change.


B- Explain away that they have to show up to get the results and it’s the clients problem if they don’t.


C- Explore what’s really going on, we know a lack of action has a much deeper meaning then “laziness”. Find out the depth and refer to someone who is a master with providing what extra support your client needs.


I vote C, every single time, this experience has enabled me to get so far in my own results as well as my clients. But I do recommend with two very important things:


Strict criteria on who you will and won’t work with. STRICT.


Here’s an example:


I’ll work with women who are determined, motivated and driven to create financial freedom. These women are go-getters, fast action takers and know exactly what they want. They will take risks and can see what’s possible for them (I don’t need to remind or convince them).

I won’t work with people who demonstrate a lack of action, little results, zero personal accountability, blaming everyone or everything else, aren’t prepared to be vulnerable.


And make it clear from the very first sales conversation onwards about my expectations and how I handle situations when expectations aren’t being met. (Since we aren’t in it just for sh*ts and giggs, as they say).


Now, some of you might be thinking, I’m already in one of these relationships where I feel I need to call the client or send daily text messages or cook for them or write their love letters or whatever else.


If that’s you, time to push up your sleeves and have a straight up conversation (zero judgement). Get super curious with your client on what’s really going on – we know it runs deeper. When you know the general direction, you can bring in the additional masterful resources who can assist you in changing the game for your client.


The end goal is always their results.


Chloe xx


Ps. An example, I don’t do timeline therapy, trauma work, energy or emotional healing. I’m an Organic Business Strategist who sets a solid strategy, builds confidence and empowerment – the rest, I have an awesome team on hand to refer to my clients if they need it/want it.


And while my coach does deep coaching work, she’s referred me for high level business strategy before and I still get emotional and energy healing from a healer to keep me moving forward.


See how it works? There’s not one size fits all.


We are unstoppable this way! 🙌🙌🙌

The mindset practice that had me sign up $60k if clients in one week.

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about law of attraction.

I realised I’ve been using it the whole time and getting great results but not the best way for me.

So I shifted gears.


And as a result, signed $60k just last week.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Have a goal to obsess about (how much do you want to make in the next 3 months?
  2. Shift into gratitude for everything you have already and how everything contributes to everything you want.
  3. Visualise what you’ll do when you’ve reached your short term goals – what are you wearing/who are you with/who are you sharing the news with/what does it feel like/what does it mean for you
  4. Write what you are prepared to do to make it and the 3 small steps you will take TODAY to create more discovery calls
  5. Go and implement them!


And return to that space of gratitude when your feeling lost, out of control, overwhelmed or defeated.

It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.


Chloe xx

Get these right and watch your business accelerate

So many coaches come to me telling me they’ve given up on social media. 

They’ve tried so many things and it just doesn’t work. 


And I usually find one of the following is missing…


One → Vulnerability (Heart)

Two → Strategy (Head)

Three → Alignment (Connection)


They know their strategy, it feels aligned with what they want to create but they aren’t vulnerable to bring heart to the table and connect with others. 


Or they are vulnerable and aligned but have no strategy to gain traction and visibility in the most effective way. 


Or they are vulnerable and have the strategy but it’s so out of alignment with the business they want to create (ie pushy sales scripts…). 


I’ve swung between each post many times. 

As I uplevel, each of these shifts and needs uplevelling as well. 


When I dive in to the work one-on-one. 

I pinpoint the work we need to do FAST.

Emotional, beliefs, strategy work.

It’s like pressing PLAY on life and business again. 


Then with excitement, I watch my clients do amazing things! Like book 3 discovery calls in 15 mins after chatting with me, or book a talk, or just show up MASSIVELY and fill their spots in the space of a month!! 


So I’m curious for you, where do you need to press PLAY?