Chloe came into my life when I was a little unsure, actually, make that a hella unsure of where I wanted this coaching business to take me.

I opened up to the Clarity Call as I knew that this is the type of call I would be making and I wanted to learn more. But to be honest, I really didn’t know what I wanted for myself.

Well, within an hour, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and saw a route for me to get there. The energy that lifted me in that call was tangible. I have never felt more alive.

That aliveness and energy is exactly how I feel EVERY time I am coached by Chloe. Her sincerity and intuition are balanced perfectly with her ability to call me out on my BS and this is EXACTLY what I needed. I am someone who needs that accountability and someone to challenge my thoughts and actions and constantly pull me back into alignment with my WHY.

I am still in the early phase of setting up my business BUT I have taken some monumental steps that felt so right with the support I was receiving. I started a business, had several clarity calls in a week, broke through my self esteem issues I had around using social media, I refined my program and my communications. It is amazing how much better you communicate when you know in your heart what your program can do for someone and that is where Chloe really made me get real. What could I offer. What was my value. What was I bringing to my audience. From this place I don’t have to sell. I just have to connect and the rest does it’s thing.

I am eternally grateful and hands down the best money invested in my career to date.