Chloe has a very simple and effective programme. I would neither call it Dieting nor would I call it Coaching. For me both of these words brings out images of military grade regime with punishments. Chloe’s method is more about learning about oneself. There are no punishments, no regrets, no have-to list, it is more about gaining insights on why we do the things we do. Listening to the body signals, checking in on our mind, dealing with the any unmanaged emotions, all of these helps us to understand more about ourselves and what works for our body. Chloe helps you with understanding these signals, what it means and how to act upon it. 
Before joining the program, I was eating packs of Tim Tams, candy bars for breakfast, 4-5 cups of coffee per day and food options were always Take-away. I was known for my sweet cravings in the office. I have had issues with having very low energy levels, digestion and acidity, more importantly self confidence and self respect. 
The Cleanse program was not easy for me, but having Chloe’s support and guidance helped a lot. Within 4 weeks, this program has made a significant impact on the way that I am living my life, I am making my own meals, I look forward to going to the gym every day. I feel more positive about myself. I can now maintain a good and constant energy level throughout the day. I have lost 4 kg in 4 weeks.