I met Chloe around 4 months ago but have only been working with her for about a month now. I always knew that I wanted to work with her but it wasn’t until recently that everything fell in place.
Since working with Chloe in this short time; I have built a fb group that lights me up, discovered my niche (and this was big since I love a 100 different things) and actually taken steps to put myself out there that I never would’ve done alone. And none of it felt difficult; just common sense and a kick in the but!
I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have worked with Chloe and it has made an exponential impact on the people I am reaching and connecting to.
If you want to actually move towards your business goals with no fluff, this is the badass coach for you ❤️

Chaturi (Vid) Tennege – I am a life coach; my secret talent is that I help millennial women who are yearning for a fulfilling career and life own that shiz✨
ALWYNN HYNES – Weight Loss Coach – Super Slimming Secrets
Before i started with Chloe I was in a bit of a rut.
I knew where i wanted to get to, i was confident in my ability as a coach but i just felt something was missing. I started noticing Chloe’s Facebook lives and i really got the sense she knew what she was talking about & so i arranged a call.
We talked & I just knew that working with chloe would be a good move for me. Her fantastic knowledge of the business side of coaching was EXACTLY what i needed….. BUT i couldn’t afford it. So i said to Chloe “I know that you are what i need, I currently don’t have the money but give me one day and ill see if something opens up for me”. I got off the call in the mindset of how can i make this happen & a day later i had signed up with enough money for my first investment… I had asked, I trusted & the universe showed me the way.
Now for the important bit… Chloe is not what I expected… she is WAYYY more and I would have paid double for what i have received. Seriously, this girl is dedicated, knowledgeable and gives tough love when needed but above all, I have never felt so supported and I would not have come as far as I have without her.
If you are looking for the extra edge to having the successful business you desire….. Chloe is your girl!! Dont think, just book a call and let her show you her magic 
ALIA MEA, Ditch Disordered Eating Coach – Nutrire Health and Recovery Coach
Chloe came into my life when I was a little unsure, actually, make that a hella unsure of where I wanted this coaching business to take me.
I opened up to the Clarity Call as I knew that this is the type of call I would be making and I wanted to learn more. But to be honest, I really didn’t know what I wanted for myself.
Well, within an hour, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted and saw a route for me to get there. The energy that lifted me in that call was tangible. I have never felt more alive.

That aliveness and energy is exactly how I feel EVERY time I am coached by Chloe. Her sincerity and intuition are balanced perfectly with her ability to call me out on my BS and this is EXACTLY what I needed. I am someone who needs that accountability and someone to challenge my thoughts and actions and constantly pull me back into alignment with my WHY.
I am still in the early phase of setting up my business BUT I have taken some monumental steps that felt so right with the support I was receiving. I started a business, had several clarity calls in a week, broke through my self esteem issues I had around using social media, I refined my program and my communications. It is amazing how much better you communicate when you know in your heart what your program can do for someone and that is where Chloe really made me get real. What could I offer. What was my value. What was I bringing to my audience. From this place I don’t have to sell. I just have to connect and the rest does it’s thing.
I am eternally grateful and hands down the best money invested in my career to date.