Ever wanted the EXACT blueprint on how I made 6-figures in my first year so you can replicate it?


I remember following coaches and thinking I want what she’s got, she just needs to tell me HOW.


So I’m giving you a little insight today on my simple, easy-to-follow blueprint.


The three money-making activities I focus on for big, sexy pay days, irrespective of what niche I was in – health coaching / business coaching, it got me the same results, 5-figure months and incredible clients!


This all ties in to my new program I’m launching soon called Passion to Prosperity! For new coaches ready for my clear-cut plan on how I reached prosperity.


It’s really simple.


Focus on actions that either:


Put you in front of your ideal client (online or locally – I’ve done both and they both work with the right desire, strategy and mindset). This is the VISIBILITY bucket.

Generate conversations and relationships with your ideal client (AND people who can connect you to your ideal client). This is the CONNECTION bucket.

Invite your ideal clients to work with you. This is the INVITATION bucket.


All three buckets need to be filled EVERY week but they aren’t all equal in their link to prosperity but thinking about it this way does help with setting some goal-smashing targets. Each bucket gets smaller as the interaction gets more personal.


So, your visibility bucket should be big, being visible to 100’s, if not 1000’s of people, through events, videos, posts, referrals etc.


Your connection bucket is smaller, you only have so many hours in a day after all – you can’t connect with 100’s-1000’s but you can with a couple dozen.


And lastly, your invitation bucket, again you only have so many hours, this requires 1-1 interaction to make an invitation to your program either over the phone or messenger so… a handful of people (maybe up to 10 or more, depends on the lifestyle you are leading each week).


So in summary, be VISIBLE, CONNECT and INVITE.


This is the foundation for Passion to Prosperity – you wouldn’t believe it, we’ve already got 4 people in and we haven’t even launched yet! This is how powerful this program will be!


I designed it for passionate, fun and really driven coaches who don’t want to waste time figuring it out but want a clear plan to follow so they can start being visible, connecting, inviting and making money consistently.


Pre-Launch spots are nearly filled (even before we’ve launched!!!) and I’m inviting passionate, fun, driven and really high-vibe coaches to reach out to find out more during pre-launch as there’s a special discount for those who join prior.


Here’s what you’ll learn in Passion to Prosperity –

  • Nailing your message so you can attract the right clients, high-paying who are ready to work with you (and I have to add, how you talk about your offers).
  • Mastering your sales process (in and outside your community group, this includes your events) so you can, not only fill your group with ideal clients but also, hear more YESes!
  • Getting more visible so you can expand your network and receive rewarding pay days from your business.


The price is likely to go up end of this week to standard launch prices.


Hit reply if you want more info!


Chloe xx

The blueprint of how I went from passion to prosperity

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