I made a choice very early on – this business was to support my freedom. 

I didn’t want a boss. 

I didn’t want “working hours”.

And I seriously didn’t want limited travel. 


I also didn’t want freedom to mean I would struggle for money. 

But I was programed to think that way. 


I see this in a lot of coaches I work with. 

They feel so much freedom in getting certified. 

It’s light, it’s fun and there’s no accountability. 


But then they turn to building business. 

And a switch is flicked to serious (it doesn’t have to but that’s our programming right?)


So the easiest thing new coaches do are delay.

They choose a date in the way off future of when they will start.

But the date rolls around and there’s another reason to delay again. 


It breaks my heart.

Every delay and every denial of what your heart wants…

Causes a breakdown of self-trust and faith. 


The greatest coaches out there had to take a leap of faith just like you. 

And if you are crushing on the life they live now then you’ve got some work to do! 


Get on that bike and learn to ride. 

Get that coach.

Make that call. 

Ask. Just freaking ask. Don’t hold back. 

Go and book that talk.

Do your Facebook Lives.  


Let your transformation begin now.

And if you are ready to accelerate to $5k-10k months, then apply for your Financial Freedom Breakthrough Session. https://chloemccreedy.typeform.com/to/HOG2xa


You’ve got this!! 


Chloe x

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