Lady, I see you.

Weight’s been a struggle for awhile, maybe forever.

I want to help you understand why.


You see, the thing is. I struggled with weight and body image for 15 years.

The day I was called chubby, I was only 13 years old – I marked that moment in time.


It was like a ‘right of passage’ (not one I wanted) and just like all the women in my family, it was normal to struggle with weight.


I would complain about my energy, the size of my bum, the width of my thighs and how they rubbed, my jiggly belly and just wish myself into someone else’s body.


I would “try” different diets, never stuck to them for long.

I tried all sorts of weight loss products.

I worked out hard.

NOTHING WORKED and I’d give up.


I knew what I wanted –

  • Be skinny (for once)
  • Feel fit.
  • Be attractive and toned.
  • Feel confident!
  • No more rolls!
  • No more cellulite!


But I was being “healthy” so WHY WAS THE WEIGHT NOT SHIFTING!

  • Working out 3-5 times a week
  • Eating Protein and Vege for most meals



So I had to finally get honest with myself – no BS – I couldn’t hide anymore.

Really fk-ing honest.

And here’s what I had to accept… my “healthy” was a facade.

I knew what was expected of me so in front of others, I was “healthy”.

If I wasn’t healthy in front of someone else, then I was ‘too busy’ and ‘too tired’ to pick the right foods or drink water or workout


I restricted my food, forced myself to move more, judged myself harshly for breaking the rules which I did ALL THE FREAKING TIME and would always “ruin” the diet.


I never talk about it but the habits that keep coming back… 

  • The sneaky chocolate fixes because I’m tired.
  • The glass of wine because I’m stressed.
  • The celebration dinners and drinks because I need to feel free from work (not my coaching!)
  • The “sore knee or ankle” because I just can’t handle a punishing workout.
  • The extra serving because I ate so fast that I didn’t enjoy the first plate.
  • The fast food because I can’t be bothered cooking.
  • The clothes that start piling up on the floor because I’m too busy to do the bare minimum.


These habits play out because I expected them to.

Consciously I expected to be a supermodel from all my hard work. LOL

Unconsciously, I expected far less and didn’t believe it was possible for me to lose anything.


It’s the pattern that any result is like winning lotto and if you don’t win lotto, you must struggle really hard.

This pattern plays out in my health, my weight, my exercise, my business, my romance… literally everywhere.  


Every week that pattern finds a new way to kick my ass.

Different excuses, different reasons to not follow through – other people, family, injuries, illness, work, being too busy, too tired, not capable, aren’t seeing results fast enough. LOL – you name it, my brain has dealt it!


I hear you. I see you. I love you.

It is okay to have a day off, it’s okay to rest – the world will not crumble.

The world needs you to be on your A game – do what lights you up, regenerates you.  


It’s NOT OKAY to avoid what you truly want forever

Go and do the thing that makes you feel attractive, confident and worthy!

You are allowed to feel worthy, attractive, confident – yes?


So I’m asking you to get really fk-ing honest right here on what it is you want. Say it with me.




Then I want you to forgive yourself for choose suffering and endurance over freedom and abundance.

I want you to step into the version of you who is 100% committed to creating a life you love.

It starts with you.


You don’t have to be sitting there thinking, what will happen to my health if I don’t get on top of this? Or what will happen in my relationship if I can’t show up with energy and love? Or what will happen in my career if I can’t show up light, happy and energetic.




You can be FREE

You can be LOVED



You can be CONFIDENT



And when you are there, because THERE isn’t too far away.

You get to start creating the life you want for your family.

You get to leave a new legacy filled with empowerment and opportunity.

You get to feel really loved and love your body, no longer obsessing about things that don’t matter like food or calories.

You get to fill your life with things that you love!  


And this is all because initially you showed up and backed yourself but then after that, it you consistently showed up. There was never a magic pill – it was just you showing up consistently, following through and trusting the process would lead you exactly where you needed to go.






Chloe x


Ps. My emBODY freedom masterclass is back!

12 weeks of total mind and body transformations!

This is for the bold lady who has suffered with weight long enough and is ready to learn what it takes to lose weight for good.

You might feel there is something wrong, that it isn’t possible for you and I want to teach you that weight loss for good is possible, if you want it and I’ll give you all the tools to make it possible for you.

  • So step-by-step, I walk you through the necessary skills to lose weight for good.
  • Every week, rewiring thought patterns and behaviours so you confidently and consistently show up in your health and life the way you want!
  • Be ready to show up and the reward is there!

I love helping people to lose weight and love the skin they are in!

Over 95% of my clients lose weight and keep it off – there’s a science to it and I can’t wait to share so you don’t have to struggle with weight anymore.

I struggled for 15 years and that was long enough, if I can take the struggle away from everyone I will!

If you want to know more, schedule in a complimentary call with me and ask any questions!


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