Are you in and willing to show up and do the work?


Or are you not?


I decided my dreams were worth fighting for.


I decided my dreams were worth doing what it takes for.


I decided I’d have a business where I got to work on my own terms AND make money AND lead a life I love.


So I focused in on what felt good, what felt fun, what felt easy.


It was uncomfortable.


Because it was new.

Because others didn’t know if it would work.

Because I hadn’t proved I could do it yet.

Because I was in debt.


But the more practice I got to flip the discomfort and learn to enjoy the process, the more fun and easy my business became.


It’s a choice.


Let me put it another way with the decision to run 15km from zero fitness.


You don’t go for 3 runs and all of a sudden it’s easy and fun. You break, fall, lose motivation, pick yourself up and build your strength and skills to endure and love the process and that awesome feeling you get when it’s finished – triumph!


To endure, you recall the reason why you are doing this, the vision you hold for your future to have the choice on what you spend your time on, what you spend your money on, what you want to do with your life and who you want to do it with.


Because when the self-doubt kicks in or the motivation runs out (which it will), you need MORE, something deeper and more meaningful to keep you going.


My why?

To make an impact, demonstrate to others you can have what you want, to have time for raising my kids exactly how we want, to have money to travel and show them the world when they are old enough, to live life on my terms.


I’m curious, what are you doing this for?

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